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Graphic designing is a broad career prospect that embodies a hybrid of art and technology to craft their concepts in the form of visualizations, printed work, and website layout. To accomplish the desired outputs in their artistic stream, they rely on decorative effects and different graphic designing elements which gives a unique finishing look to the project.

The graphic designers need to be familiar with the different software applications like Corel Draw, Canva, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and many more which are presented in the market. The main mission and vision of the graphic designer are to deliver impactful work after choosing matching or contrasting colors, illustrations, symbols, elements, shapes, and typography. To boost the skillsets, it is better to seek online graphic designing courses or join the universities which offer Graphic designing graduation courses to build a successful career.

Types of Job Roles in Graphic Designing Field

The graphic designing occupation depends on the level of expertise you have and the education type which you have acquired during your college years. So, here is the list of some suitable job profiles which can intrigue you to select graphic designing as a creative career option.   

  • Art Director- Art’s director profile has to deal with the conceptualization of visual style and the infographics which are used in the newspaper layout, magazines, product packaging, and many more. Art directly has to work closely with potential customers and clients to manage the accumulated data. Further, they collect data about the firm or the brand to get the crux about their requirements, target audience, and objectives.
  • Multimedia Artist and Animator- These working professionals are generally engaged in the activities to create visual animation, VFX for movies, cinematography, television editing, video games creation, and other different media practices to make programs more engaging, and appealing. In simple terms, they create treats for the eyes of the audience. UI and UX designing profession are also linked with it and it is a hot profession amongst the enthusiasts in the current scenario.
  • Web Designer- A proficient web designer has the duty of creating designs and eloquent websites for the firms with the support of WordPress. They supervise pivotal elements like typography, illustrations, themes, content, architecture, fonts, colors, HTML language, and other tempting elements to create a unique website layout which is user friendly.
  • Industrial Designer- Industrial designers are recognized as the experts who blend the artforms, businesses, and engineering to produce durable and reliable products that people can utilize in their everyday life. Before developing the products, they examine distinct parameters in the mind like features, functions, packaging, exterior appearance, overall look, aesthetics, production cost, budget, and usability of the products. After assessing all these components only an industrial designer produces the product. Besides, they are also responsible for coordinating with several other associated members to maintain the proper communication flow and to maintain the quality or the standards of the products which will be used by consumers to fulfill their basic requirements.
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  • Craft and Fine Arts- These artists are responsible for creating handmade and authentic objects like pottery, glassware, textiles, and many more. They use diverse components in order to create original antique pieces and later they sell them for an exhibition. This career is unique and in several areas, these practices are practiced to generate revenue. Its demand is also increasing in the current scenario because people are mad to have such quintessential art pieces at home to bloom the interior décor of their homes.
  • Drafters- Drafters are the members who draw to provide the visual guidelines or instructions to the creators. Further, they showcase the entire methodology to construct the product or structure. They also rely on several computer-based applications to convert drawings into proper graphical representations which assist engineers and architects in the technical aspects of the concept. These professionals also decide the formulation of structure and the layout of both interior and exterior parts of the building.
  • Mobile Designers- Mobile designers are individuals who collaborate with cross-functional teams in order to develop persuading, eye-catchy, and well-versed mobile devices. Its main mission and vision are to provide an unforgettable user-friendly experience to its users. As an expert in this field, they are aware of the aesthetic and the functional aspects which wi8ll work better for the web and mobile.
  • Product Designer- Product designing working professionals are liable to select, create and execute the visual aspects of the products. A product designer also keeps a regular track of the info architecture and the systemic model of the item.

So here is a brief list of the different career opportunities in the vocation of graphic designing which can be explored by the students on the basis of their interest.


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