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A few months of this year are gone and the pandemic is not ceasing at all. For a few months, COVID-19 seemed to be in control but now it is again spreading fast. In such a scenario, how to travel safely is a major concern. It appears as the pandemic is not coming to an end soon and we have to learn to live with this virus for some more time. Travelling has become a risky affair these days and is banned in some countries like the US. International travel has come to a halt and one has to think twice even before considering a short trip.

It is not possible to avoid traveling altogether? Taking a few precautions will not only make your trip safer but it will be full of fun and adventure.

Is traveling safely when Corona cases are rising?

Traveling is not safe at this time. Postpone your trip and even cancel if you can for your safety and the safety of others as well, as per guidelines of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) department. It is good to stay home for the safety of everyone and to break the chain of COVID-19.

But it can be very unrealistic to avoid traveling for some people. Actually, one in ten people work in the tourism industry globally, they need to be very cautious in these testing times.

By taking some precautions you can travel and also minimize your chances of getting infected with corona during travel. When considering travel, the biggest risk involved is exposure to people. So make sure that you limit yourself from contacting many people at once.

Is traveling safely when Corona cases are rising?: How To Travel Safely During Covid 19 In 2021

How do I travel safely?

With rising Corona cases, what can be a safer means of travel? By car, plane, train or bus. Again the answer lies in choosing how you are not exposed to many people. Even if you choose to travel by car, you will still stop at some places for tea or lunch break, chances of exposure are higher. However, a car or plane can be a better choice than other means of transportations.

Traveling is a basic part of the global economy and is both a luxury and a privilege. There are some pros and cons of travel at this time, you should consider the circumstances whether personal or professional before making a decision.

How do I travel safely?: How To Travel Safely During Covid 19 In 2021

A few things to consider before deciding to travel are:

  1. The pandemic situation in your area and the place you are planning to go.
  2. Government instructions about traveling in both places.
  3. Inquire about travel insurance and if you are covered for Corona.
  4. Is vaccination required before traveling?
  5. Specifying your wish to travel responsibly and follow the protocols.
  6. Do booking for flights and accommodations etc.
  7. Getting tested regularly, wearing a mask and social distancing are very important.
  8. Using hand sanitizer is a must. Sanitize your personal belongings like a mobile, wristwatch, etc. whenever you come back to your room.
Is Getting On Your Nerve?

Always Follow The Rules

Don’t take unnecessary risk and follow every possible safety measure, as one year has gone by with this pandemic and you already know everything about Coronavirus. If you don’t feel the need for a vaccine, mask and social distancing, you have to check your belief system and go beyond it for your as well as other people’s safety.

While visiting different destinations, familiarise yourself with the best ways to use ,clean and store reusable face masks.Travellers can bring their own face masks for use throughout the journey as well as spares. Always practice good hygiene and wash or sanitize your hands regularly. Keep an extra plastic bag for storing used face masks. Most hotels and restaurants ensure following all the safety measures and hygiene regarding Corona Virus and it will be good to check on those before checking into a hotel or visiting a restaurant. In some countries the rules regarding coronavirus can be somewhat different so do proper research about these rules and follow them.

Coronavirus Precautions: How To Travel Safely During Covid 19 In 2021

Whenever you enter a new state or country, you will be tested for the COVID-19 and can proceed further if tested negative. Always check the healthcare facilities in the area you are supposed to visit. Many small cities don’t have many facilities regarding Coronavirus. Hospitals are small and there are not enough ICU beds for the local residents if there is a large scale COVID-19 break. If you are visiting a place for many days, it is advisable to go for the COVID test in three or four days and if the report is negative, then keep enjoying and exploring the place.

Coronavirus Precautions And Rules

I hope that by following all the precautions and safety measures, you will be able to visit as many places as you like. Always remember it is better to be safe.

By- Suman Lata

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