Reading books: A beneficial habit

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Books are a person’s best friends… we have heard this many times. Some people take up reading as a passion. People love to read various types of books. Even I have been reading books since childhood, not just the syllabus books or the school books but rather the novels of various genres. School libraries are the best place to start our reading desire. It is the place where one can start the most beautiful part of the aspect of one’s life. The same is the case with many people. They devote their time to reading and gaining knowledge.


Positives of reading

  • Increase in the intellectual aspect of life: – you tend to increase the intellectual power of your life. You start thinking in a better way and the brain functions.
  • People with good reading skills tend to have good brain functionality and tend to observe the situation better and act accordingly towards the situation and eventually get better results than others.
  • They have good ideas and thoughts for any work. Their ideas are way very much different and innovative than the others as their ideas are inspired by the books they read and hence they are unique and very much exciting. Their ideas can amaze everyone.
  • If a person is suffering from depression and anxiety, he or she may get very much benefit in alleviating depression and anxiety if they start reading good knowledgeable books that can motivate them to live their life in a better way and in a positive way.
  • Reading books tend to increase your vocabulary and increase your proficiency in any given language.
  • Reading can also help you out to get relief from the stress that we experience in our day to day life.
  • Reading can help you to strengthen your brain power and increase your memory capacity. This is useful in the long run in any field. The most beneficial aspect of reading is this.
  • Reading helps you to feel more empathy towards people due to which you can understand a person’s situation very well and can empathize with him or her. This can help you to develop stronger relationships with people and also keep the bond with your loved ones intact.

It has been observed that the people who read printed books and are continuously in touch with them tend to score higher than any other person who does not have any of such habits. Therefore, to get good grades in school or college and even help you to score well in competitive exams.


Here is a list of few books that one must read once in their lifetime:

  1. The power of your subconscious mind: – this is the book by Joseph murphy. This book explains the working of our brain (both conscious and subconscious) and helps you understand the difference between positive and negative energies that can influence your brain and your decisions. Once you read this book you get the secret for a beautiful and happy life, you will feel more confident and will start to appreciate life and the power of your brain and will be amazed by getting to know them.
  2. How to win friends and influence people: – this book is written by Dale Carnegie. It has tricks and tips on how to influence people into your thoughts and easily making them understand what you are feeling. It talks about various kinds of relationships that you have in your life like business relationships, personal relationships, professional relationships, and many more. It helps to realize the importance of such relationships in our lives and how to handle them with grace and care.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff: – this is the book written by Richard Carlson. This book helps you to differentiate between the things that are crucially important and which are just “noise in the system” i.e. the things which are so important. Due to this, we can figure out what needs to be done, prioritize, and looked upon first and which one at last. It helps us be organized in our work and complete it without any difficulty. The basic aim of this book is to make your mind free from the trash that stays within and helps to keep only the good energy to us.
  4. The Power of Positive Thinking: – This book is written by Norman Vincent Peale. The psychologist has approved the authenticity of this book and verified that the points mentioned in this book are psychologically correct and effective. The broad idea of this book is that people who are optimistic in life are healthier and happier as compared to others. Even doctors have verified this concept. Therefore, you must give it a read.

Reading is a blessing in disguise by god. As our skills improve through this and we tend to gain more and more success due to the positive effects of reading. Therefore everyone must develop a hobby of reading and explore the beautiful part of life.

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