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A glamorous industry that has its touch present, not just for a common man but celebrities, health, defense, etc. We all require clothes. Nowadays, the focus is slowly shifting from design to comfort. Three major categories divide the jobs of the fashion industry. These are design, communication, and sales and development.

Fashion Designer

Every piece of clothing you put on was once an idea inside a fashion designer’s mind. These people are innovators of the industry. Comfort with aesthetics is a goal of every fashion designer. Be it your comfy sweatshirt or a designer gown. Some fashion designers like Manish MalhotraSabyasachi have gained fame to the extend, now associated with big brands. It’s an area that demands creative skills and knowledge of shape, design, and material.

Fashion Designer designing


Creating creative artwork on the cloth such as a quote, faces, patterns and, other design is the job of a graphic designer. They use software or a plain sheet of paper to create these illustrations. Designed graphics are like the identity of plain cloth. And graphic designers ensure these ids to at their best.

Textile designer

A combination of work by a fashion designer and graphic designer gives a textile designer his/her job. They work closely with both types of designers to give their ideas a real form. They need to know the material as they are linked with development and production teams.


They are the link between the designing team and the communication team. They make the fresh design presentable by combining it with necessary jewelry, shoes, hairstyle, etc. these designs are further tried on models. Once the design is approved, it is sent for production.

Art director

Every design that is created in the company has to be presented to the communication team, so they can put it out to the media. They come up with themes and ideas to give the fresh design a meaning that will help the design to be appreciated by the audience.

Art Director

Public relation

Brand image matters in the fashion industry. It creates the demand for a Public relations company. A PR agency will ensure they could get enough brand ambassadors on board, gain audience trust and make the brand a likable one. Nike, Prada, Gucci are great in their designs as wells PR work.

Digital market manager

Word of mouth isn’t enough for a company. Especially, in the age of the digital world. Digital marketing teams work on SEO and SEM, which include social media management to spread the word across. Sales, offers, ads are some tools that they use.


They are the face of the company. Any new design that comes out is first tried by them. They are paid and asked to wear their designs for Photoshoots, fashion parades, and other events to showcase the new designs.

Production manager

Once all designs are approved and open to the general public, it’s time for production to get into their work mode. Every detail matters. From the type of cloth to the size of a design on each piece. What technology should be used? Which part requires manual work and which could be done by machine, all decided by a production manager. They work closely with textile designers.

Beyond Lean 1115 1

Quality assurance (QA)

These could be of 2 types. One of the production departments themselves. They check the material before it is packed. The second type of QA is an external source. They are invited after the completion of the production process. This QA team will check the package is done along with the material, designs, sizes, etc.


Compelling customers to try the new design is taken care of by a salesman. They use their communication skills to promote these designs for profit.

Dazzlingclassicdiamondbackrattlesnake Max 1mb


Small businesses play a major role in spreading new designs across. Once the manufacturing is done, the retailer buys them a profitable price to sell it to the customers.


This department is open to all levels of the industry, the job to keep track of the incoming and outgoing materials.

Fashion Journalist

A fashion journalist plays a major role in the organic growth of a company. They will cover the new designs and publish articles. These articles will enlighten the details and hard work the designers put in. At the same time, information on manufacturing and when the product would hit the local stores are the common information given by them.

Accessory Designer

Accessories are extra garments that make the main piece more attractive and versatile. Example scarf, caps, socks, gloves, etc. An accessory designer works on these accessories. These designs may or may not be related to the design the company creates.

15d Accessory Designing

: By- Neha Pandey

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