Why Knowing First Aid Could Benefit Your Career

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First aid training is advantageous for a variety of reasons, and yet one often-overlooked benefit is that it will make you more employable.

Let’s look at why this is, and how you can enhance your first aid skills to improve your career trajectory immediately.

First Aid

Demand for first aiders is strong

From offices to warehouses and beyond, first aid-trained employees are an asset to any organization across every industry.

This is because in many situations it is not just a nice-to-have addition to the team, but in fact a regulatory requirement with which employers must comply.

As a result, having a first aid qualification to your name could give you the edge over the competition when you are going for a competitive job opening.

Healthcare skills are universally relevant

As mentioned, first aiders are in-demand in a number of contexts, and so this is the dictionary definition of a transferable skill.

Rather than pigeonholing you in a specific role, knowing first aid will broaden your horizons, and mean that if you want to make a career change later on, you will still be able to harness these skills.

How to take a first aid course for work

Many employers offer team members the opportunity to complete first aid courses which are conducted and paid for internally.

However, you might want to do this separately if no such options are offered by your employer. In this case, looking for a program that’s local to you makes sense. You can find first aid courses in Glasgow and many other regions, and take your career to the next level under your own steam.

An expanded skill set says a lot about you

Aside from the specific benefits that having a first aid qualification can bring to an employer, there are also the associated attributes that this implies.

For example, when reading your resume, a recruiter will see that you have taken the initiative to go through first aid training, which suggests that you are not afraid to do what it takes to enhance your abilities when the chance emerges.

In turn, this lets prospective employers know that you’ll be similarly forward-thinking as a member of their team, and will be happy to volunteer for additional opportunities that benefit you and the business alike.

Meanwhile, other candidates for a job who have got less to shout about, aside from their role-specific achievements, will struggle to compete at interviews.

You can be the lynchpin in a positive company culture

Having an appealing and self-sufficient company culture is an aspiration of many modern organizations, and there are a number of things which go together to create and perpetuate this.

A first aid-trained team member will be impactful in this context, as this is not just a skill that benefits them as individuals, but can also rub off on an entire department.

Rather than everyone being on edge about the possibility of a first aid emergency occurring, a trained team member will put everyone at ease, and also have the ability to dispense their valuable healthcare knowledge to those around them.

Wrapping up

Knowing first aid is undeniably good for your career, both in terms of getting chosen for your ideal roles, and when it comes to helping you hold onto jobs and grow within them over time.

This widely applicable skill will augment your confidence and allow you to feel more valuable in yourself, as well as in the eyes of your employer. So this is not just something that influences your professional prospects, but also your entire life in a positive way.

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