How to become a successful freelancer?

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First, we need to understand. What is freelancer? Many of you know about it, but those who are not, this article will surely clear your all queries about freelancer. A freelancer is someone who does not work for one company full time but for different companies for certain jobs. A freelancer is a self-employed person who has the liberty to pick their projects.

Here are 5 tips to become a successful freelancer

1. Know yourself

So first you need to know yourself. What is your true motivation? What is that thing which pulls you forward or that moves you forward to become a freelancer so, it is very important to figure out what is your true motivation? As a freelancer, you need to believe in your capacities which help you become a successful freelancer. Motivation is something that keeps your confidence boost up and helps you to achieve your projects as a freelancer. 

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2. What are your key assets

You need to understand what is your true strength and what are some areas where you need to improve on. Unless you are very good at what you’re planning to offer, it will be very hard for you to land more customers because someone rather than later will figure out the level of a quality they are getting from you, they could get from somebody paying a lot less. So if you want to become a successful freelancer, you need to get very good at what you are planning to do. And to offer a service you need to understand your skills which help you become a successful freelancer. 


3.Your value proposition is key –

It is very important to realise that you are serving your customers regardless of whether you are a freelancer or if you are in a corporate job; you are still serving your customer. You’re bringing value to somebody. And understanding this early will give you an advantage over the other because it will push you to understand what is a need that you are trying to solve and figuring out what you are offering to your customer, you need to make yourself different from others and make sure what you are offering is worth it. So doing that, you will need to understand what is your unique value proposition which makes you different from others and this will help you to become a successful freelancer.

4. Commitment

Unless you have the right habits and the right level of determination to make that work, it will be very hard for you to succeed. Your commitment and your level of determination and the level of habits that you implement in your life will be critical. 


Another aspect that you want to look into is your level of comfort with uncomfortable situations, because being a freelancer will let you two several uncomfortable situations. You need to do things that you have not done before and by that, you will need to figure out problems and the solutions to those problems. So this will help you become a successful freelancer.

5. Channel

You really need to understand where you are going to find your ideal customer. You need to understand how you can reach to them and what are the best channels to reach your ideal customer. Not only that, but you need to figure out what is the best way to generate leads.

extrovert introvert Customer

So, for that, you need to create channels like web pages, websites, etc. You can also reach the target audience through social media. Thus, the right choice of your channel will help you become a successful freelancer.

By – Bharti Sharma

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