Overthinking: A toxic Habit

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A person has the ability to think and act and he is doing so almost all the time. Our brain is constantly at work and is all the time functional even while we are sleeping. Our brain has lots of work to do but have you ever thought about what happens if we constantly keep thinking about the unnecessary stuff that happens to us in day-to-day life. According to the reports, most of the population these days are constantly overthinking about the things that are either not important or less important. Many of us have the habit of getting zoned out during work i.e., they start thinking about something else while working on the given task, those thoughts are usually not related to the work that the person is doing. The mind travels in various directions and unusual thoughts come to our mind. People keep on thinking about the issues or anything repeatedly and can’t get over it.


Signs which help to identify if the person is overthinking

  1. The person is not able to sleep properly because he or she finds it difficult to close off their thoughts that keep on running in their mind.
  2. The person keeps on thinking about the aspects on which he has no control or the situation on which he has no control. This does not sever the need ever and it’s just a waste of time and the brain capacity.
  3. Such people have constant thoughts of either the past events that have occurred in their life and have affected them to an extent and also they think about the future aspects of life that are not under their control.
  4. When a person experiences some kind of embarrassing situation then it is a human tendency that the person will keep on repeating the incident in his or her mind and always try to think how that incident could have avoided. In very serious cases some people may suffer from anxiety depression and many such circumstances
  5. All of us have the habit of expecting things from our closed one’s and when our expectation is fulfilled, we feel terrible and become sad. When such things happen we eventually keep thinking about it and keep making ourselves even sadder. This affects our brain in a very bad way. This situation mostly happens with the people who are more sensitive and emotional and get easily affected by such circumstances.
  6. when a person is not doing any work and the brain is at rest, we tend to think about the hidden and alleged meaning of the words and things that happens to us or the words that are said to us by other people. We try to dig deeper and deeper into the past situation and those words that were said to us and then make our brain stressed and due to this our brain functionality gets altered and reduced and hence we tend to get slowed down in our work.
  7. The person who thinks too much loses his or her ability to make correct decisions and stay upon them. They are always in two way thoughts before making any decision and hence struggle too much in life in any field, be it studies or work or personal relationships. And also due to such situations, people tend to avoid making choices and decisions so that they are much more relieved.

Ways to Stop Overthinking

  • Try to come out of your past and stop thinking about the happenings of the past. Whenever the thoughts of the past come to your mind then try to push them out and divert your mind towards other things that make you happy.
  • When our mind starts wandering here and there into the past issues and future tension then bring it back to reality by making yourself realize that you are doing wrong and need to focus on the present deeds which will eventually help you to shape your future and forget the past bad influences.
  • Keep your focus on the issues and the things that you can control and the things that are in your hands and you can do something about it. Due to this you will be able to segregate your thoughts more efficiently and will understand which thing needs to be given importance and which is not necessary.
  • Fix your sleep schedule, it will help to refresh your mind and will eventually increase its efficiency and then you can easily focus on your work and the important aspects of your life. Adequate sleep is very much important in any case and it helps to improve the situation of various mental illnesses.

Overthinking is like a termite that can slowly and steadily degrade your brain capacity and eventually will affect your life. Therefore, try to keep this termite out of your life and enjoy the precious moments of life.

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