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With the global gambling market size reaching $227 billion and employing over a million workers at 4.8 thousand venues worldwide, one could hardly argue that gambling does pay, and sometimes a lot. But when it comes to the moral aspect of it, many still see gambling or career in gambling as risky, unfair, shady, and sometimes even vicious.

Those people are wrong. Making a career in gambling is no different from making it in sales, marketing, and other niches. How are we going to prove that to you? Well, here you go: gambling experts from Casino HEX CN portal collected a few career options in the gambling industry, and we’re gonna elaborate on three main positions you can take: live dealer, customer support specialist, and affiliate manager.

Live Dealer: Party That never Stops?

Many aspiring players and even gambling aficionados are dreaming of becoming live dealers so that they could, first of all, enjoy their favorite games and, second of all, sneak peek into the other side of the gambling world.  But, of course, live dealer’s job is one of the most demanding in the casino industry as such as person should combine an excellent knowledge of the game and also be a psychologist to a certain extent, let alone any live dealer should be good-looking, friendly, outgoing, stress-resistant, and able to focus on the game whatever happens around.

So what would it take to become a live dealer? In addition to the qualities above – and impeccable knowledge of the game – not that much. The education usually costs a few hundred bucks and includes a week or two of intensive training. However, you can only start at small or medium-sized casinos and in some countries – for example, in the UK – you will have to receive a live dealer license first.

Live Dealer, Build A Career in iGaming Industry

On the bright side, the basic salary of a few dozen thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars a month can be doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled due to the tips left by satisfied – which almost always equals winning – customers.

Customer Support: Be On-Call & Ready To Help

If you’re new to the world of casino games, becoming a live dealer instantly might be a little too ambitious of a goal, but you start as a customer support specialist. The job is generally less demanding as you can choose between different responsibilities depending on your skills and desires. For example, you can provide consultations via live chat, email, phone, or do everything mentioned at once, or you can do some important job even without communicating with customers – for example, processing KYC requests. Or – if you have technical knowledge – you can help to deal with on-site issues, such as withdrawal delays, website crashes, etc.

Most casinos cater to players from all over the world, running their customer support services round-the-clock and in different languages, which leaves a lot of room for professionals of various sets of skills. The general requirements for a successful career in customer support would be:

  • Knowing several languages: the more clients you can work with, the better.
  • Patience: some users will have a hard time understanding what you’re explaining, even if you’ve gone through it several times.
  • Stress-resistance: irritated clients will always be there, even if you’re doing your job extremely well.

Salary-wise, customer support specialists usually make less than live dealers, on average $33,000 per year. But you don’t necessarily have to rely on it as if it’s the job of your life; even if you’re doing it as a part-time job to make some money on the side, it will develop valuable communication skills in you, as well as you will learn to process customer requests and fix issues most effectively.

Customer Support specialist, casino games, Build A Career in iGaming Industry

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Affiliate Manager: Trying to Get The Best Deals

The least popular of the three, the job of an affiliate manager might not be something you are familiar with. At the same time, it’s one of the most interesting and generous occupations in gambling as it deals mostly with an advertisement, either directly or through affiliate partners, the third-party casinos/websites/organizations collaborating with your business.

It might not be easy to understand the job responsibilities at once, but let’s say affiliate managers have to do mostly with

  • Advertisement and marketing to increase brand awareness through promotional campaigns, links, banners, etc.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the affiliate campaigns through key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Identifying new affiliate opportunities.

Affiliate Manager, Build A Career in iGaming Industry

To become a successful affiliate manager, you have to possess substantial analytical skills, as well as you have to be a good marketer and communicator. It’s worth noting that the position of an affiliate manager is quite distant from gambling itself, which could be an advantage if you’re searching for a paying job in gambling without too much gambling involved in it.

As for the career ladder, you can grow to work with VIP affiliates, become a senior affiliate manager, and so on, but the knowledge you get is more important as click-through masters are in high demand in all industries. Everything has gone online, and the knowledge of how to grow a business, establishing and streamlining the customer flow, will separate you from the crowd.

Is It Risky to Build a Career in Gambling, Though?

Gambling has been one of the most popular pastimes for thousands of years and there’s no chance it will disappear. The risks of building a career in gambling are no different – and not bigger – from the risks associated with any customer-oriented industry. But, after all, the question is, could something you’re doing with love and passion be called a risk?

Indeed, there are dozens of positions you can apply for, but the main criterion of choice is that you should do what resonates with you. Do not fall for the trap of moneymaking as it will lead you nowhere. Start building your legacy by doing what you truly embrace, regardless of whether it’s customer support, affiliate management, hosting casino games, or anything else.

Build a Career in Gambling
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