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Who Is Saloni Srivastava?

Saloni Srivastava is a famous Youtuber and a business owner. She is an inspiration for a lot of young individuals and Millenials who are confused about their careers and want some clarity in life. She was born in Ankleshwar, Gujarat. She came from a very ordinary family and worked in an ed-tech firm. 

She started her journey by making videos on YouTube. She had a clear idea of what content she wanted to put on her channel. She wanted to have her voice in a niche that wasn’t over-saturated. She aimed to provide quality content to help people out there. Therefore, she made videos on personal finance and adulting.

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After her channel became a success, she started her company to sell organizers and planners online. This idea spoke to her because she was on a hunt to find the perfect planner that suited her needs, but she could not find any. The planner she designed was such a hit that it sold out within 3 hours of launch. She has now scaled up her business. She also started mentoring people online via her online course on her website Hustlepost Academy. Through this course, she helps individuals find a business idea of their own and take steps to launch it. It is a year-long course – a mix of online lectures, pdfs, and live online mentoring sessions with Saloni.
As of today, her business has made her about INR 1 crore during the lockdown.

Incidents That Changed Her Life

She was sitting in her room one night just like most college students and was listening to TEDx Talk. The speaker in the video gives the viewers an activity. He told them to close their eyes and imagine their lives five years from now if they live the same way they are living now. He wanted viewers to understand how their professional and personal lives would be if they continued spending their time in the same way.

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At that time, she had just completed her Masters’s and had secured a good-paying job. She believed that she was heading in the perfect direction. She had accomplished some of the major goals in life – buying a house, getting engaged, etc., when she was just 24 back then.

When she closed her eyes to imagine her future life, she pictured it to be perfect, where she had reached the peak in her marketing career, was married, and had a house. But to her surprise, when she opened her eyes, she wasn’t happy at all with that kind of life. This is what she thought she wanted, but it wasn’t making her excited.


At this point, she realized her career goals were completely different from what she thought they were. Her real goal was not to help a large organization sell a product. That’s when she realized that she wanted to start her own business. She wanted to help other people live better, happier, and more fulfilling life. She then started her YouTube channel, alongside her job, to guide people on how they could make their lives better. She would work for her job in the office from Monday to Friday. Then work on her channel on weekends or even in the evening after getting off the job.

She hustled so hard without any rest that she had to be admitted to the hospital. When she was in the hospital, resting for two days straight, she realized that she needed to choose between her job or her project. However, it was difficult for her to leave a high-paying job and work on a project that didn’t generate any income. But as she realized that she was spending most of her money on random, useless things, she finally decided to quit her job. Today her business is making four times the money that she used to make while doing a job. Working on her own business gave her the freedom of making her own decisions and getting to live her life on her terms. Plus, while doing all this, she is helping a lot of people stand on their own feet and make a living with their business ventures.  

: By – Ria Prasad

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