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The present day inspirations for millions and the names with the superwoman tags, the women entrepreneurs of India, are the living examples of success and passion. They stand as the figures we as women look up to whenever something or some part of our lives or dreams seem impossible or difficult.

 The women entrepreneurs are the people who made us believe that through sheer hard work and passion we can definitely make something work or build something grander than the societal expectations and social tags.

These women made us believe in ourselves and made us proud of what we can be if we try. Most of these women did not have any idea about the success they could achieve in life or that in the future they will be considered as icons, when they started with their dreams. They taught us that its never late to follow your dreams, your passion, your goals, no matter how difficult it is or how difficult it has been. They made us celebrate our individuality and gave us the reason to never give up and keep trying.

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In our society where most of the people discourage the women for being the weaker gender and supposedly responsible to be inside the house serving the family, these names, these women drew the picture of confidence and self-dependence pushing the society to grow into a better reality where gender is not even a characteristics to determine ones worth and one’s role in the society. Here are the names of few entrepreneurs who through their determination, skills, hard work and passion made us look into the world of creativity and success. 

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Aditi Gupta 

Suffering from the societal discrimination and torturous beliefs imposed by the society regarding the process of menstruation for girls, Aditi Gupta along with her husband decided to research about the topic of menstruation, gathering medical information from doctors and social information from other girls and created a comic out of it which was used to indirectly deal with the issue.

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They then started menstrupedia in 2012 as a small project to spread more knowledge regarding the topic. But today, the website is the safe space demonstrating the process and details of the process of menstruation and acts as a weapon to remove the myths that exist in the society. Today it even carries out in several campaigns with big companies like whisper and more. 

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Falguni Nayar

We often hear about the trendy and glamorous products of nykaa, one of the favorite sites for style and appearance conscious individuals. This all started with the bravery and dedication of this woman, Falguni Nayar.

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She set a perfect example about bravery, talent and hard work being the key to unlock your dreams which can be achieved at any time or phase of your life. She left behind her stable and healthy career to pursue her dream of starting afresh in the world of wellness and beauty products. Now she is one of the most influential women and continues to achieve success globally and nationally.


Kiran mazumdar Shaw

One of the most successful women, not only in the country but around the entire globe, Kiran mazumdar Shaw, the founder of Biocon limited India is again an icon when it comes to doing something that you genuinely want to and gaining success by sheer determination and creative skills.

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Although at first, she wanted to go to another direction, she decided to follow her father and chose one of the most uncommon fields in India which is supposedly not suitable for women, brewing. She wanted to become a brew master but after failing to get that position in India she went abroad. She came back to India to start with Biocon limited with sees worth Rs 10000 in her garage which then became a billion-dollar company making her the dream businesswoman for billions. 

Mylan Biocon

There are many entrepreneurs like Vandana Luthra and Radhika ghai, there are a lot of inspirations and a lot of success stories, but each and every one of them standing with one belief and one moto, to never give up, whatever situation it is. All these women proved that even initial failures are not worth stopping from following your dreams. Risks, challenges may seem difficult but at the end success is the ultimate fruit.

By: Srija Dutta

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So this is the end of the post Women entrepreneurs of India you should look up to. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.