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“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after  an experience with you becomes your trademark.”

– Jay Danzie

The old adage of Charles Darwin still holds true that facial expressions may actively intensify feelings. A smile indeed feeds our mood, makes us feel elated and even uplifts the mood of those around us. In our quest to craft a better world, we are often confronted with situations that subjugate our indomitable burning desire to make a difference in our professional career and everything turns meaningless. Professional career runs the gamut of emotions and it is a part and parcel of life. The moot question is, apart from the struggles, do we manage to laugh, smile and have a good time? 

Smile is the secret to all atonements. Similarly, a smile can be the underlying disguise to uplift  our professional qualifications and an overpowering garnish to raise our professional lives up a  notch. A Duchenne smile or a genuinely authentic smile exemplifies more satisfaction with our  ability to accomplish even a trivial task at work which in turn emboldens us to achieve more.

Let  alone the striking remembrance onto the minds of our bosses who might forget to smile amidst the  piles of workload. A genuine smile stipulates a harmonious, stable and trustworthy relationship  with the colleagues and might even bear the power to alleviate the spirits of a fellow peer facing a  bad day.

Merely a curve on the face concocts moments of connection that lead to higher  productivity and efficient teamwork. It can be a warm and comforting gesture for the clients, and  subsequently an incorporation in the executive goodwill. The viral video of an impromptu celebration by the medical professionals who danced and sang at Zingaat in PPE kits in NESCO,  a Mumbai Covid Care Centre, not only had a blast but also successfully relieved the stressful  ebbing environment of the second wave. The hilarious courtroom exchange between Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi and Former Hon’ble CJI SA Bobde at the Apex Court is just another  example of how humorous remarks eases pressure in our seemingly monotonous professional  lives. 


Whoever says we don’t need reasons to smile are living in an idealistic world and whoever says  our smiles are contingent on one reason are living in a toxic world but whoever says we need to  find reasons to smile are living in the real world or trying to live, to say the least. Albeit, quite a great deal of times, we might not find reasons to put on a smile within and around our workplaces.


when ‘stay positive!’ is nothing but an expression of mundane words. Choosing a profession which  makes us smile like we slept with a hanger in our mouths indeed sounds utopian. But even if we  wake up to one such dream, pushing ourselves every minute of every day by doing loads of  tedious work, might tire us and smiling may be a far off alternative. However if we tough it out  together by smiling through the rough days I believe good days will come in the end. Fake it till you make it! A simple curve on our faces tricks our brains into believing we’re happy which can  then spur actual feelings of happiness.

The Power Of Positivity

Forcing a smile can reduce stress and lower heart rate. Tense  and scary situations which we are often compelled to face in dealing with our multifarious personal drawbacks like lack of confidence or inability of self-articulation and motley exhausting  professional issues like meeting deadlines or dealing with clients, will pass us by like a walk in the  rain if only we manage to put on the cheapest, most promptly accessible accessory when we enter  the professional spheres of social life- a smile.

Life is a journey, professional life is the depot, happiness is the terminal and a smile is the ticket  fondly reminisced time and again.  

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By: Debarati Pal

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