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For us humans, the daily routines and patterns of boredom, sometimes the extreme stress and tiresome reality checks are some of the most random yet most common experiences they face almost everyday in life. They are so busy running for the hustle bustle, the money and the basic necessities that its necessary to take a break every now and then and breathe. Its necessary to use any means to give our minds a rest and tiny escape from the harsh realities and everyday routines. The only healthy food that a human being needs to remain happily going is positivity and peace.

But sometimes its difficult to achieve it ourselves during the daily hub bub and extreme stress and shattered confidence. Its very common for us to face negative thoughts and insecurities but we often find a way to keep searching for it. this is when we resort to films and tv shows to just escape. But what if that tiny escape can contribute a little positivity and self confidence in our lives.

Recently the east Asian movies and tv shows has been gaining immense popularity by focusing on very common human emotions and the requirement of a little giggle and expression to bring back the lost positivity. Here are some Asian tv shows and movies which did a commendable job in making us smile effortlessly.

Seoul Searching (2015): although the beginning seems like another unrealistic teenage chaos, this movie does leave the unexpectedly positive feeling at the end. The characters and some of their traits are actually quite realistic and the setting of the movie has done the wonders. Although this is not an Asian film to be exact, but it does have the same feeling. The movie is set in 1986 where a group of spoilt Korean teenagers who were born and brought up abroad, decided to come to south Korea to participate in a government sponsored summer program to help them connect to their Korean roots. There is no such main character.

Seoul Searching

The story mainly surrounds around insecure and spoilt teenagers Sid, Grace, Klaus, Kris, Sergio and Mr. Kim, their teacher. They all suffer from a deep insecurity and loneliness and are driven by superficial desires which they use to cover up their actual wounds. At first the movie showcases their chaotic and annoying attitude, but gradually discloses their insecurities like parental miscommunication, societal expectation pressure, identity crisis and the desire to be liked. This movie is a gem as it has realistically represented all the teenage insecurities by giving the final touch of the teacher’s emotional back story. If you’re searching for a heartfelt ending and beautiful character development with a tinge of romance this is the one.

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Its okay to not be okay (2020): this south Korean television series written by Jo Yong is an actual gem in the television industry. It has a perfect casting and is famous for its choice of actors like Kim soo Hyun and Seo yea Ji. But its storyline does the real work. This surrounds around a children book writer moon young who has the antisocial personality disorder and Gang tae who works in a psychiatric ward. The viewers favorite character being the mentally challenged brother of gang tae, this story revolves around the innocent dreams of human beings and the importance of friends and company.

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The individual patient experience and background stories from the hospital is tear jerking. The healing process and the individual mental problems of the pressure of responsibility, loneliness, trauma and depression has been beautifully projected. The little flavor of a murder mystery does the wonders. This show has one of the best character developments and the perfect portrayal of mental freedom and the dire desire of company.


Go Ahead (2020): as the name suggests this Chinese series directed by Ding Zi guang is the perfect story of moving ahead in life and is a masterpiece. It has managed to touch the notions of broken family, expectations, bonding and friendship perfectly. The story revolves around a single father li Haichao, who takes in two kids ling xiao and he ziqiu after their mothers abandon them and decides to bring them up along with his own daughter Li Jian Jian. The story revolves around their traumas and growing up.

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This coming-of-age story focuses on the notion of love being the thing which creates a family and not blood. This showcases sibling love, individual traumas about abandoned families and the emotional development and change with the increasing change. On the background it also portrays friendship and career pressures in li jianjian and her “brother’s” lives. It shows how feelings can change or mature up with time and how lack of communication can affect the deepest of bonds. There is also a romantic side of the story and the idea of second chance for everyone.

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Cheer Up (2015): if you’re searching for a feel-good high school drama, this Korean series is the best choice out there. The story revolves around a bunch of school students Kim Yeol, Yeon doo, Seo Ha Joon and kwon Soo ah. This concentrates on the extreme academic pressure on the students, parental abuse, depression, academic elitism, bullying and passion. It rests on the background of Sevit High School where there is a fine wedge between the academic elites and the outcasts who dream to follow their own passion.

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This drama is really beautiful as it portrays how the students understand each other in the process of a forced merge of the two clubs. The story advances through how the students address the problems in each other’s lives as they help each other heal from their family traumas and depression. The story is a coming-of-age gem as it shows the beauty of teamwork and friendship. There is also a tinge of innocent teenage romance between the leaders of the two clubs.


By: Srija Dutta

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