Hotel management is a system involving the management of all things related to the hotel business. This field of study involves learning the management techniques that almost cover every area of managing a hotel business including hotel caretaker, marketing, housekeeping, accounts, maintenance, food management, catering, and drink management. The basic reason to study management system is to run a hotel properly while following almost every area of the business. It is a work environment that’s apart from traditional ones, unique and helps to maintain a proper lifestyle, hotel management can be one of the best career choices. one major advantage of working in this industry is that one is able to meet Bollywood stars. moreover, famous athletes,  business stars, and other types of celebrities from the world. There is a large number of opportunities in this field.  As a hotel management graduate who is skilled, trained and confident can never be short of opportunities. There are many areas that pay attention to different areas of running a hotel. This also includes regeneration, public opinions, security and the use of technology. The average salary for a Hotel Manager in India is in lakhs. there are lots of opportunities available in this field one needs to be focused and self-confident. one can work as an independent or group hotel, become a general manager or manage specific departments. It also allows one to work in different regions because the hotel is everywhere. People need to face new problems every day and meet and make connections with people from all over the world. It requires one person to work full time as a hotel never gets closed so one needs to keep in mind how to manage their time.  travel, caretaker, and tourism opportunities are few of the jobs in hotel management which is available in whole over the world. If someone wants to travel world one need to be get qualified to manger post because chain hotels offer person to work nationally and internationally. The course helps to give students with overall learning experience by focusing on various dimensions of hospitality management. Management course is not easy as students are required to get training full day sometimes for work experience they have to travel too.


There are some of the best colleges for hotel management which are listed below:

Institute of Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition

Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition is in New Delhi. It is ranked top among the colleges for Hotel Management in every aspect by famous personalities of the Hotel Industry. The institute is famous for its quality education and management. The institute offers programs in Bachelor’s Degree to Indian and NRI students and Diploma in Food Production. It is India’s top institute in hospitality management that gives opportunities in leading industries of hospitality management.

IHM, Chennai

IHM, CHENNAI is also ranked as India’s top institute in Hospitality management. It has a record of excellent placement and also marked best for its administration and management. Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Hyderabad offers popular courses in Bachelor’s degree like B.Sc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration and PG Diploma’s. The institute also offers some free courses, sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. Of India.

Oberoi Center for Learning and Development

Colleges for Hotel Management, The Oberoi Group Logo

The Oberoi Centre for learning and development was established in 1966. OCLD is one of the highly ranked institutes in Asia. The department of Hotel Management, Christ University offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management. The department was started in 1991 and now ranked amongst the top hospitality institutes of India.

Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology

AIHMCT offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management. This college is well known for its disciplinary and hundred percent placement record in the country. AIHMCT Integrates a Competitive Learning environment Through a Broad syllabus Class Room Teaching, Valuable Industry Inputs and full of Extra-Curricular Activities.

Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Management and Catering Service

BCIHMCT is one of the leading institutes, which offers a 4-year program in Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management and Catering Technology. The college is best for its faculty and training with great methods.

NSHM School of Hotel Management

NSHM School of Hotel Management offers courses in bachelor’s and master’s degree in Hotel Management. The institute has connections with top university hotel management in India and foreign. NSHM School of Tourism & Hotel Management is an institute that offers Graduate & Masters qualification in hotel management and operation, design arts, chef training and travel & tourism with international quality things and a leading human resource provider in the hospitality and tourism sector.

Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration

Colleges for Hotel Management

WGSHA is the first institute in India, to offer a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management, established in 1986. Ranked with top positions in different ways for industry leads and colleges of India. Enhancement through a  dynamic and internationally ranked hospitality education curriculum, area of work required for global hospitality professionals.

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