Can comedy be a career option in India

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With the changing times, the mainstream subjects like medical and engineering are not the only lucrative options out there. In the early times, there was no big exposure. Students used to stick to a particular margin. They did not get many options which were popular enough and filled with opportunities enough to be considered as a stable job or to be considered as a legit career direction.

On top of that people were unaware and were poorly informed of the scope and opportunities in different options out there. There was no internet to just type and find the scope of different paths. Therefore with the improved technology and opportunities in today’s world, different career options are coming to the forefront and quite surprisingly they are good in terms of earning a living too.

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People who in the earlier times had the rare talents and skills in them were forced to ignore that part of them or waste it as they were forced to do something or be something they were never interested in doing. But now its different, it all depends on your skills, your true passion and even the parents and the family is becoming more and more supportive with changing times.

Being a comedian is one of those rare careers you choose when you want to live a life of passion and laughter. If you are confident about the witty side of yours, your ability to make the listeners burst into laughter then you should never stop yourself from pursuing this career. There are a number of opportunities that are still growing in a country like India where it has newly discovered that comedy can be a whole different career path. There are a lot of students from different backgrounds and different qualifications who never find it late to explore the world of talent and laughter.

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There are many comedians who have chose to become what they are despite coming from elite backgrounds of law and engineering. They chose to give up on their background and their studies, their chances to become an executive or high job holding individual just to continue their career I what they love, what they consider to be worth of all the compromise and sacrifice.


 Nowadays many people who feel that they want to consider a career in this field but are scared to trust themselves start from the shreds. They start from sharing their works and jokes in the social media and other platforms like YouTube. Once they are successful in drawing attention and getting love from the people, they get the confidence of proceeding with it. There are many famous standup comedians like Tanmay Bhat, Rajat Chauhan, Aishwarya Mohan raj and Urooj Ashfaq who started from reality shows and social media.

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 There are comedians like Anubhav Singh bassi and Zakir khan who become very successful in spite of starting late. There are other sensations like Bhuvan bam and Ashish Chanchalani who mixed their comedy skills with their acting skills and portrayed them in media platforms and received an immense amount of love. Also the income per show and per video is quite satisfactory. Therefore there Is no reason to ignore your passion and talent in comedy, you just have to gain confidence and go for it.


By: Srija Dutta

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