Fitness Trainer as a Career in India

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Due to modernization, human beings are suffering from an unimaginable amount of physical and psychological stress. And thus, the need for a fitness trainer has increased manifold. We have often heard that a strong mind resides in a healthy body. However, the modern work environment has resulted in a sedentary lifestyle, where there are no opportunities for physical exercise. Therefore, a large section of society suffers from deadly ailments like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart diseases etc.

Physical exercise not only makes you healthy, but also makes you good-looking and helps you to lead an active lifestyle. One has to follow a regular and strict fitness schedule to achieve a healthy body. You should also seek professional advice from a fitness instructor. The sole responsibility of a fitness trainer is to guide the trainees to get into shape. They also look at posture, dietary intake, food supplements, and the most recent fitness techniques, among other things., the career path of a fitness trainer is full of excitement and all-time saturation.


Fitness instructor:

Their responsibility is to work with individuals as well as groups to help them achieve their fitness goals. They use combinations of exercises such as aerobics, karate, spin cycling, kickboxing, weightlifting, yoga etc. They work in big hotels, tourist resorts, health clubs, spas, fitness centres, cruise liners, gyms etc.

Yoga and neuropathy experts:

They get trained in yoga techniques, and they work in yoga institutes. They also work in hospitals as consultants and instructors.


Clinical exercise specialist:

Clinical exercise specialists generally work with patients and assist them to recover from injuries and physical ailments. They also work in hospitals and rehabilitation centres, and NGO’s.

Personal trainer:

They work and train individuals on a one-to-one basis. They work in gyms as well as in the homes of their clients.The workout is designed to suit the specific health and fitness requirements of the clients.

Sports instructor:

They also monitor their progress and direct them to follow a proper diet. Sports instructors are responsible for coaching and training professional and non-professional athletes in a group. They provide them with self-defence training such as karate, judo or taekwondo.

Aerobics instructor: 

These instructors generally conduct group sessions that involve aerobics, muscle conditioning and stretching exercises. They run classes in the gym, in a club or in their own studio.



Fitness trainers assist their clients in developing the best fitness regimen for them. They understand the body structure and functioning of the client to ensure the right workout plan. They are also responsible for maintaining the fitness of the clients. They demonstrate exercises and the correct way to carry them out. They also promote body fitness and good physical techniques. Fitness trainers monitor the clients to avoid accidents and injuries. They collaborate with a variety of organizations, including schools, hospitals, gyms, and so on.

Advantages of becoming a fitness trainer:

  • Being a fitness trainer, you will gain knowledge of a healthy lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, etc.
  • You will work in a social environment and get immense satisfaction after helping your clients achieve their fitness goals.
  • They also have flexible timings, with fewer working hours.

Disadvantages of becoming a fitness trainer:

  • If you are not qualified enough, it is onerous to earn a living in this field.
  • It requires a lot of energy, time and determination to satisfy each and every client.
  • In India, the work of a fitness trainer is not very respectable. But someone who is well educated and knowledgeable will always expect this profession.

By – Sanchayita Chattopadhyay

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