Top 6 Career Options after B.E. Computer Science

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Computer Science has always been the top in-demand career option for young aspirants as new technologies emerging every year. Due to this, there is also an increasing demand for Computer Science jobs. So having a Computer Science degree will prepare you well today and also build a foundation for you to succeed. 

Although, this field has various specializations, thus, it also offers a lot of career opportunities for Computer Science graduates. Once you get your Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, you will not only have one single career option but several career options. In this article, you will be familiar with the top 6 career options after doing your B.E. in computer science.

A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science provides you a plethora of career possibilities. Here are the top 6 career options after B.E. Computer Science.

Mobile Application Developer

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The highly preferable career option for computer science graduates is Mobile Application Development. Between now and 2024, the need for skilled mobile app developers will expand 19% due to the continual evolvement of smartphone technology. As a mobile application developer, you can enrich your creativity level as you work with product and design teams to understand user requirements and innovate technical solutions. In this role, you will design application software for operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows. One must experience using programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, and C among others. 

Machine Learning Engineer

Computer Science

Now, it is high time to pursue a career in Machine Learning (ML). Every year, the number of available Machine Learning jobs rises, and ML engineers with a solid skill set are in great demand in many industries. The job role of a Machine Learning engineer is to build and deploy ML systems that can automatically learn and improve independently. You can build new technologies that will push the field forward. An ML expert should have deep knowledge of Data structures and algorithms, how to build neural networks, and structure machine learning projects.

Big Data Engineer

Big Data is the most preferable career option after computer science. Big Data Engineers are the ones who build, test and maintain Big Data ecosystems for businesses. So that the Data Scientists can run their algorithms on stable and optimized data systems. They basically work with Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and Data Architects. They all have only one goal – to help companies get useful insights from huge and complex datasets that can be converted into actionable business decisions.

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They work primarily with Big Data ecosystems, technologies, and tools. They have to update, troubleshoot, and use Big Data systems and software to improve the efficiency of the databases. Generally, they also require a few years of industry experience in working with Big Data frameworks such as SQL-based databases, Hadoop, and also with popular data ETL and APIs tools.

Full Stack Web Developer

Full Stack Web Developers are the ones who involved with programming and coding. They design and create websites using HTML/CSS according to the customer specifications and requirements. They also require to maintain suitable software documentation. They must be compatible in both graphic design and computer programming.

Computer Science

The need for Full Stack Web Developers in computer science is always in high demand. But, the technical know-how of client-side components, server-side languages, web application frameworks, and database management systems are some of the basic requirements needed to be a Full Stack Web Developer.

Computer Network Architect

Computer Network Architects are the professionals who design, develop, execute, and maintain networking and data communication systems of computer science. This involves local area networks, wide area networks, extranets, and intranets. They also manage the job of updating both software (like network drivers) and hardware (such as adapters and routers). Usually, they work with the company’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer) to determine where new networks are required the most in the company.

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Computer Network Architects in this field of computer science should have a good knowledge of an organization’s business plan to be capable of designing and implementing the required network in the right places. They also require to plan the execution of security patches and other countermeasures to secure the systems against vulnerabilities. Besides this, Computer Network Architects also need to research new networking technologies to examine current data traffic better and estimate how growth in traffic may affect the network.

Software Developer

Another career option for computer science graduates is to become a software developer. A Software Developer develops software by writing code that allows computer applications to run easily and execute functions properly. The main responsibility of a software developer is to test and debug applications. One must need to understand programming languages such as Ruby, Python, C++, etc. The requirements for software developing jobs may vary from role to role, but there are few skills that every developer needs. 

Computer Science

In conclusion, these are the top 6 career options after B.E. Computer Science. However, if you still don’t find the right career option for you as per your interests. Then you can also take the Ideal Career Test on This Ideal Career Test will suggest you the career option which is most suitable for you by providing 12 pages of psychometric career report.

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