Why Use Plagiarism Detector to Find Plagiarized Content

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Plagiarism is a pest, and it can cause a host of different problems in whichever content it is found. Whenever a piece of content is written, it is necessary for it to be checked using a plagiarism detector so that its uniqueness (or otherwise) is established.

There are many benefits to using a plagiarism detector. If you want to find out more about them, keep on reading this post till the end.

Different Reasons Why Should Consider Using Plagiarism Detector

Although, there are a number of reasons that may encourage you to start using plagiarism detection tools. However, in this section, we will be only discussing the most useful ones.

1. Ensuring originality and integrity of the content

One of the major reasons why one should utilize a plagiarism-detecting tool is that it helps to ensure the originality and integrity of the written work.

Using a plagiarism detector can basically help you find the percentage of plagiarism and uniqueness in your content. If you use a checker on your content and find that it is unique, you can submit your work without any worries.

For example, if you are a professional writer, you can check your work for plagiarism using a tool and then send the results to your client as proof of originality.

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Likewise, if you’re a student who has spent both time and effort on writing an assignment and checked its originality with a tool before submitting it will show your honesty and commitment to doing quality work.

Most of the plagiarism detection tools available on the internet provide users with a report that includes the percentage of both unique and copied content. Users can utilize this report as proof that the content they have created is completely original.

2. Avoid Consequences & Penalties

Plagiarized content is serious in fields that deal with content, such as academics, blogging, and researching. 
For students, submitting plagiarized work can have severe consequences such as: 

  • Damaged academic reputation
  • Lower grades in that subject or assignment
  • Suspension from the educational institute.
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If you’re a blogger, the consequences include low ranking in search results since search engines like Google do not approve copied content.  Moreover, the blogger may face legal action from the original author, which can result in facing a lawsuit. 

So, whether you’re a student or a blogger, you need to only focus on plagiarism-free content to avoid consequences and embarrassment. And ensuring whether your written work is unique or not can be done by leveraging a plagiarism detection tool. That does not only detect duplicate content but also provides matched sources to let the plagiarizer know from where he/she has copied content.

3. Highly accurate

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Another reason why one should consider using a plagiarism detector is that they are highly accurate (accuracy depends on the type of tool you’re using). 

These tools are equipped with advanced algorithms and have a large database. The advanced algorithms compare the input content with the sources available in the database to find any copied content. 

These can detect even the smallest instances of plagiarism. They will count the submitted content as plagiarized if they find a few words and phrases similar to any other source available on the internet.    

So, when you check the written content with an accurate detection tool, there will be almost no chance for you of getting into uncomfortable situations later on.

4. Often free to use and fast

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Most tools available on the Internet are completely free to use, while some offer limited daily search queries. 

Moreover, there are only a few tools that are completely paid and don’t have a single search query limit for plagiarism checking. 

The availability of most plagiarism-checking tools for free makes them a good option for students, teachers, researchers, and writers.

When it comes to quickness, plagiarism detector tools are highly quick at scanning and finding plagiarized content in the input content. They perform the plagiarism-finding process within seconds or sometimes in minutes (depending on the overall length of the input content).


Plagiarized content is an ongoing issue due to the ease of access to all kinds of information. Many people such as students, bloggers, and researchers try to copy content from the internet so that they don’t need to spend time and effort on manual writing. 

Fortunately, with the help of plagiarism detection tools, it is now possible to quickly and efficiently find copied content from written content.

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