15 Career Opportunities In Magazine Publishing

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Magazine, a peek into the world of luxury and premium quality of life. It has always been a thing for the business class of society. But consider this. What if you could work for it? This article discusses 15 jobs that you could get in a magazine publication.

Production manager

This is the highest position in the company. They ensure all the departments meet their deadlines and smooth working remains the priority of the company. All external and internal issues are taken care of by them.

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Art director

As the name suggests, the overall appeal of the magazine is maintained by them. They work closely with all the departments to approve and enhance their work. For example, whether the photo edited goes well with the content written, the article is placed correctly, etc.

Copy Editor

Their job is to check for redundancies and rearrange the written content. The aim to keep the article up to a certain stand. They use stylesheets to do the same.

Digital editor

 If an organization has a digital presence or is a digital magazine, then the digital editor becomes an important person. They make sure to handle the content of the magazine and advertisement management. Since digital is not the same as hardcopy, they have a different style of editing.


They work under editors. Their job is the same as an editor, but sometimes they may work with the writing team and submit articles of their own.

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Fact checker

Every organization has a department of fact-checkers. Their job is to confirm leads, stories, and news to avoid any lawsuit one may file for fake stories.


It is one of the core teams of the publication. Their job is to go out or follow leads to get stories and writing them. Though their work is further checked by the sub-editors or editors so, they need not worry much about the stylesheet.

Feature writer

A feature is a personalized story, an opinion piece. More often the senior editors are the feature writers. Just like a newspaper, they too get pieces from experts of the field. For example, if a renowned fashion designer wishes to write an article on the changing fashion industry, the publication becomes their platform to express this opinion.

Graphic designer

 Their job is to consult the art director and design pages of the magazines or graphic for articles.

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Photo editor

A photo editor receives images that he/ she shall edit using software and make them appealing to the eye of the audience. Sometimes the images are not well taken, in such cases digital retouch is used to enhance the quality.


This department is full of agents. These agents get sponsors for the company to meet up the financial needs of the company.


This department looks into the organic growth of the company. Word of mouth, SEO (search engine optimization), SEM ( search engine marketing), offers, and so on are some of the tools they use to make sure they retain the existing audience as well as get new ones.


Printing and circulation go hand in hand. Any individual working for this department must make sure they print and circulate the copies on time. All subscription and management of the new audience are taken care of by them.

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Social media manager

In the current time, having an online presence has changed into a necessity. A social media manager has to create posts related to the trends and magazine and manage audience feedback, engagement.


They are the writers of an online magazine. Their job is the same as a writer of hardcopy publications.

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: By- Neha Pandey 

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