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Let’s have a look at the frequently asked questions on the Commerce career selector test.

Q1. I am a commerce student, why do I need to take this test?

A commerce student is someone who can work in commerce as well as in the humanities sector. As a commerce student, people generally think about some of the very popular careers such as CA, CS, etc. they just tend to limit their choice to the popular careers. Many times people are unaware of the career that a commerce student can pursue as well as they are unaware of which career in commerce is best suitable to them as per their interest, ability, personality, and motivation.

Commerce career selector FAQs

A commerce career selector can be taken up by an 11th, 12th as it will give them a better understanding of the choice of career they want to make and will help them to make informed decisions after their school gets over.

Similarly, this test can be taken up by B.com students to help them understand which field is best suitable for them and how they should proceed ahead in their career.

This test will help the person to choose the best career option for them and will provide all the possible options in both financial as well as in financial domain which a person can choose from.

Q2. How many questions are there in the test and what type of questions are there?

In the commerce career selector test, there are 72 questions in total. These 72 questions are divided into 5 sections which are as follows:

Section 1– contains 18 questions, which are based on the area of interest of the individual.

Section 2– contains 18 situation-based questions. Here the individual needs to imagine themselves in a situation and need to answer based on their reactions to the situation.

Section 3– contains 18 questions and the individual needs to select the answer for the question based on their understanding and the knowledge they possess.

Commerce career selector FAQs

Section 4– contains 9 questions that are based on real-life scenarios and the person needs to choose the best option accordingly.

Section 5– contains 9 questions where the person needs to imagine themselves as a part of the situation and need to choose the answer that suits them the best.

This is how the entire commerce career selector test is framed.

Q3. Do I need to complete the test in one go?

Careerguide is a platform that allows you to take the test online with the ease of sitting at your home and taking the test at the time which is best suitable to you.

If you are giving the test on careerguide.com and are required to leave the test due to some emergency or an issue, you can definitely come back and give the test again. The answers that you have already given are saved automatically and it means that you can continue the test from where you left and does not require you to start from scratch.

Commerce career selector FAQs

Once you are satisfied and done with your answers, you can submit your response. But, it is recommended that you give the test in one sitting as it will help in understanding your state of mind at the moment and the accuracy of the result will also not differ.

Q4. Can I take this test in the 10th standard only as I have made up my mind that I will take commerce in the 11th standard?

The commerce career selector test is made for the students of class 11th, class 12th and those pursuing or graduated in B.com. If you are in class 10th, you are first required to take the stream selector test as after 10th standard the child is expected to take up a stream i.e. science, commerce, and humanities.

Only after the student decides from the psychometric test that which stream is best suitable for them based on their interest, aptitude, and personality, they should make a decision.

Commerce career selector FAQs

If there exists no discrepancy between the choice the student has made and the stream they are opting for, then they can go ahead with the commerce career selector test even in class 10th. But, if there lies any sort of discrepancy then there is no use in taking up the test in the 10th standard.

A class 10th students should always be asked to take the Stream Selector Test before taking any other test and if things are working well then the student can definitely opt for the test in 10th standard as well just to prepare things well.

Q5. How do I know the test will yield the correct result for me?

The psychometric tests are standardized tests that are used in careerguide. When a test is made it is made sure that the test is reliable which means the results that will be obtained from the test will be consistent over a period of time.

Secondly, the tests are valid that is the test measures what it claims to measure. While constructing the test it is made sure that various experts are interviewed while making the test. They are made to understand what exactly the test should comprise and what all factors need to be considered while making a test.

Commerce career selector FAQs

The two important factors that are measured in the test are the Interest and the Aptitude the person holds towards the career choice. 

There are 72 questions in total in the test which are divided into 5 further sections which help to assess the interest, the aptitude, and assess how well the individual can deal with stressful situations. Thus, it can be understood from the above description that the result that can be obtained from the test will be reliable for the student.

Q6. Can I interpret the result of the psychometric on my own?

The psychometric test report yield the entire information about the person. When a report is presented to the client, it is necessary that the report is written in an easy and understandable language and should not contain technical terminologies. But, there could be possibilities that the report holds some words and terms which may not be easily understood by the layman as the reports are also built on the theoretical frameworks. There are certain norms and ethics that the counselor needs to follow, the counselor should make each and everything about the report clear to the client. As the report is generated based on some theories and other information which a layman may not be able to comprehend well. Therefore, it is always suggested that the report should be analyzed and discussed well with the counselor or the person-in-charge.

Commerce career selector FAQs

When interpreting the report of commerce career selection, the report is presented in a simple and understanding language and is represented with pictorial representation which can be understood by the student and the parent on their own but after analysis, it is important that the counselor helps the client by helping them in guiding the future direction and utilizing the report valuably.

Q7. What are the benefits of taking the commerce career selector test?

The career selector test is taken up by the students who are pursuing commerce and want to know which career in commerce is best suitable for the individual.

There are several benefits of taking up this test by the students and they are as follows:

  1. This report shares brief knowledge about all available Commerce Careers both in the financial and non-financial domain.
  2. This Psychometric test Report has been scientifically designed and formulated by utilizing reliable and valid measures for accurate test results customized uniquely for each one of you.
  3. This report is very comprehensive, lucid, and easy to understand and the results are displayed in Graphical forms.
  4. This Report will provide you with an answer to which career op-on of commerce you should opt for.
  5. This report helps in matching your activity choices, Presence of mind, specific real-life work situations choice, and atypical personality/ image required as per different professional careers of commerce.

Thus, it is recommended for the commerce student to take up this test.

Q8. My parents are CA and they want me to pursue the same as I need to take up their business. Then, why should I take up this test?

As we understand from the question that the child wants to take up CA because he wants to take up the business of his parents further. Based on the question, it is recommended that the child should take up this test to have a better understanding of his aptitude, intelligence, personality and to understand whether he possesses the ability to take up this career ahead in his/her life.

Usually, parents force the child to take up a career as per their choice and parents do not try to understand what the capabilities of the child are.

If in the above-stated case, parents make the child take the test, it will help in revealing the interest of the child and will also help parents to acknowledge the fact whether the child possesses the abilities to take their business ahead or not.

And, if the test reports reveal that the child has the potential then it will serve as a strength to the business, and if not then parents should accept the fact and should not force the child to go ahead with this choice and should allow the child to do what best suits the child.

Q9. My interest is in a non-financial stream but my results differ, then how shall I proceed?

There are times when the report tends to differ from what the person actually feels for his/her own self. In such cases, it is necessary that the person should try to analyze their own selves first.

It can be a case where the child just wants to move into a career because he has been under some pressure or is maybe fascinated by some person of the same profession.

A career report yields the entire result based on the interest, aptitude, and knowledge that the person possesses about the particular choice of career which an individual tends to ignore when making a career decision.

For example, Rohan’s reports showed that he has more interest in journalism as compared to his interest in accounts, but he wants to take up accounting as a career as he has seen many of his family members doing well and earning a lot from this career. This thing somewhere lies at the back of his mind and is being presented in the form of interest.

This is where the counselor plays a role to understand each and every factor that is affecting discrepancy in the report.  The counselor tries to make the client aware of various career options that he/she was never aware of and try to provide more and more information related to those careers and tries to help the student/client to develop a deep insight into this and then helps to the student to take up a choice that best suits him/her.

Q10. I don’t have math’s in my combination but I have scored higher in the financial domain than non-financial, how do I go about it?

As per the academic curriculum in India, the students are expected to take their choice of streams in class 11th, i.e. after their boards in class 10th

The various streams that are available to the students are Science (with/without biology), Commerce (with/ without math’s), and Humanities which has various other options or combinations available.

The commerce career selector test can be taken up by the students of class 11th, 12th, and those pursuing B.com and can be taken up by students both with and without the combination of maths.

Now, as per the question, it can be understood that the child does not have the combination of math’s but the reports show more inclination toward financial domain than non-financial as the student must have not taken up math’s due to some pressure or some other reasons but reports show that he possesses an aptitude for the financial domain.

Here, the role of the counselor is to help the child understand the various possible reasons behind such a report and will help the child in guiding him/her towards a career that can be done in the financial domain even without having maths in 11th and 12th.

A counselor will help the child to have a better understanding of the choices available in the financial domain even without having math’s in the combination and will try to provide the various alternatives that a child can take to make his career worth his abilities and interest.

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So this is the end of the post Commerce career selector FAQs. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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