8 ways to prepare for Class 10 Exam

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So is it that month of the year yet? No no, not the Christmas and new year season, not even the love is in the air season. Yes, you are getting closer, the dreaded exam season!!! The first step of the road to success is the class 10 board exams said the elders. But have we not been answering exams for more than 10 years now. 

Correct? What’s new now? Why does everyone seem to be freaking out when it comes to the class 10 BOARDS EXAM! It’s all about perception. We all have been here at some point in our lives, wondering the same things endlessly without a legitimate explanation. But as they say that half the battle is won in the mind by proper planning and strategies. So yes, you have landed in the right place so congratulations already! Going further you will see the most important pointers to achieve the best results in the class 10 board exam.

Where The Trouble Resides

Figure out your problem area that is what troubles you the most specifically? Is it Shakespeare’s “all world’s a stage” or the “Rahim ke done”? Or is it the algebra trying to find the x, y, and z or the history trying to remember the Germans and the Nazis? Leave no stones unturned working on the identified weak area and soon you will find yourself getting more comfortable with the idea of appearing for the board exam.

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Go, Watch TV!

There is some great news! Do not stop watching TV!! Yes, you read it right, do not stop the activities that you like for example playing or chatting with your friends or watching TV. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! Leisure is of equal importance as it motivates you to get back to what you were doing only to come back again and do what you like the most. But, time management is the key here. Maybe have someone looking out for you to remind you to switch that TV off.

Why Not Predict Your Question Paper?

One basic thing that is often overlooked by class 10 students is that the subjects and concepts taught are the same with no major changes, correct? so, the questions that appear are just a slightly tweaked version of what has already come that is the underlying concept remains the same! So make sure to practice the last 10 years’ question papers and you will have a good enough idea of what is coming for you. Remember that hard work pays but smart work pays better!

Sit Down And Take Breathe

Furthermore, stop studying until the last moment. Take time. Breathe. Be calm. The last half an hour before entering the exam hall is very crucial. Do not waste it doing the same thing you have been doing for the last whole month, going through the some books, the same notes. Believe in yourself. You already know it. Do something you have not done, just close your eyes and compose yourself. Breathe in and breathe out. Drink sufficient water but not excess and just sit in peace.

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Eat Well And Sleep Well

The most underrated tip of all times is to eat healthily, drink a lot of water and not sacrifice sleep. No starving, thirsty, and sleep-deprived student ever achieved anything great so eat enough, keep yourself well hydrated, and well-rested for your brain to work at its best.

Identify Your Opportune Moment

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise, Right? No! Everybody has their own sweet time when their concentration levels are at the peak. Some people work well during the day but some do wonder at night. Find the right time and work accordingly.

Set Up Short Term And Long Term Time Table

One can not emphasize the importance of a timetable enough. Have a timetable written down and before starting each day write down your targets for the day. Cross each line as you reach the milestones and continue moving towards the final goal for the day. Don’t forget to treat yourself once you complete the target of the day!!

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Stream & Career Clarity

Stream and career clarity are related to understanding one’s interests, skills, and strengths to choose a suitable career path. Stream refers to the specific academic discipline or field of study that one selects after completing their secondary education. It lays the foundation for further education and career choices.

Career clarity, on the other hand, refers to having a clear understanding of one’s career aspirations and goals. It involves identifying one’s interests, values, personality traits, and strengths, and aligning them with the career options available. Career clarity helps individuals make informed decisions about their career path, and it can improve their job satisfaction and overall well-being.

Having a clear understanding of one’s stream and career goals can help individuals make better decisions about their academic and professional lives. It can help them choose the right courses, develop the required skills, and gain relevant experience to achieve their career goals. It also helps individuals to stay focused and motivated, and make the most of the opportunities available to them.

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