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We all have dreams about what we want from the future. We might dream about starting a business, retiring early, or passing money down to our children. Whatever our dreams might be, one of our main challenges is coming up with ways to finance them. As we all can attest “money doesn’t grow on trees.” We might worry that our dreams are out of reach simply because we do not have enough cash on hand right now. The good news is we can be very creative in how we get others to help finance our dreams.

The Power of Storytelling:

A story is a powerful tool that we can use to help find others who are willing and able to help finance our dreams. While telling a story might seem like a simple concept, often finding the perfect words is a challenge. This is where we might turn to a creative agency in Nashville to determine how we can best tell our story. Some stories are told best in long-form on a website, while others can be told with an image or logo. It does not matter what method we choose, what matters is we are able to tell our story, so others feel engaged and want to financially support our organization or project. Storytelling is our number one way to convince others to financially support us and our dreams.

The Power of Knowing What You Seek:

While a story is key to convincing others to help finance our projects it is also important to understand exactly what kind of financial assistance we need. Asking this comes down to having a detailed budget. We want to make sure what we are for is enough for our organization or project to be successful. If we ask for too little, we are likely to struggle. It is always challenging to go to our financial backers and say we need more money from you because we did not budget well. Budgeting can come down to understanding our financial needs right now as well as what our financial needs are likely to be a year, 5 years, or 10 years down the line. Bringing this data to investors increases our chance of grabbing their attention. Having a plan makes us look more professional and more like a “safe” investment.


The Power of Doing:

Sometimes a great way to get others to financially support our dreams is to go ahead and put our dreams into action. Sometimes it can feel like everyone has a dream so in order to stand out from the crowd it is important to go ahead and do something to show others we mean business. It is much easier to get money once we have a prototype or once we have already started a business then it is if all we come with are “ideas” and “dreams.” If we want to finance our projects, we must take the leap from dreaming to doing. This leap into doing can feel overwhelming but if we set measurable goals, make plans, and follow through we will find we are “doing” before we know it. 

The Power of Crowdsourcing:

Sometimes we have a project we want to fund but we struggle to get money from traditional financial institutions. In these cases, one great option is to think about crowdfunding which is a nontraditional funding source. Many of us in the creative fields have already crowdfunded books, games, music, and sometimes whole films. Others of us have crowdfunded humanitarian projects and acts of kindness for others. Many people are willing to pay 10. 25. 50 dollars to a Kickstarter especially if they receive recognition. All these small donations really add up and can often end up exceeding our wildest expectations. In addition, if we are able to crowdsource a good sum of money, we can take this to more traditional investors as proof that people are interested in our organization or project.

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When These Powers Combine:

When we combine storytelling, knowing what we need, doing, and crowdfunding we will find that we have laid a strong foundation for your business, that will help us get others to invest. We all can finance our dreams if we are willing to put in a little effort and reach out to others who want to help us. We all have big dreams and there is no reason for us not to seek the financial support we need to turn those dreams into a reality. 

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