Best Python Data Science Courses & Certification

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With a humongous amount of online python courses to choose from, students often get confused as to which one to go for. After plenty of research, from Top websites Udemy, Coursera, Edx we have listed here the best Python Data Science Courses & Certifications available online. These courses are accessible to all students as well as professionals all across the globe. Go through the list to find out which one is most feasible for you.

Best Python Data Science Courses & Certification

  1. Applied Data Science with Python (Coursera)
  2. Python Data Science Certification Program (edX)
  3. Python for Data Science (Coursera)
  4. Python A-Z™: Python for Data Science (Udemy)
  5. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp (Udemy)

Applied Data Science with Python (Coursera)

Coursera is one of the leading platforms to provide online courses in various fields of data sciences. This course is in collaboration with the University of Michigan which gives hands-on experience on various skills and the instructors available for the course are all veterans in their respective fields. The aura of study generated in this course is entirely different and fresh from all other courses available online. This course will change the way you visualize the problems, will impart a new problem-solving skillset in you and you will be able to relate the problems to real-life examples easily. The course curriculum includes a series of 5 courses and a hands-on project which you will need to complete in order to earn the certificate. The project assigned is built to grasp in-depth knowledge and is very good for the professional network.

The 5 courses will cover the Basic Introduction part; Applied Plotting, Charting; Applied Machine Learning; Applied Text Mining and Applied Social Network Analysis. The level of difficulty of the course is intermediate so it is not too much of a burden for a fresher and as well as for the person who has a slight knowledge of the language. It gives you a flexible time schedule allowance so it is really easy to incorporate this course in your daily routine.

By the end of the course, you will be able to apply statistically, Machine Learning, information visualization, text analysis, and social network analysis techniques through toolkits such as pandas, scikit-learn, matplotlib, nltk. The best thing about this course is that a monetary issue does not limit you from exploring yourself and gaining knowledge as Coursera also provides financial aid to the learners who cannot afford the fee. It is definitely a win-win situation for the students.

Time Period: 5 months, 7 hours/week

Ranking: 4.7/5

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Python Data Science Certification Program (edX)

edX offers high-quality online courses with excellent teaching content and practical guidance from the experts. Day by day python is becoming more and more popular for doing Data Science. To get a competitive edge, companies worldwide are using Python to harvest insights from their data. The major problem faced by most of the students these days is that they don’t feel confident enough when looking for jobs because they are fresher’s in the field with no prior experience. This IBM’s Python Data Science Program is a perfect launch for your career in Data Sciences even if you are a fresher entering the hot job market. With this course, you will develop skills for Data Analysis and Data Visualization and also get a practical introduction to Machine Learning which is definitely a plus factor in this course.

The program focuses on job readiness of learners and imparting practical knowledge in them. To enroll in this program you need no prior programming experience. Courses in this program include Python basics for Data Science; Analyzing data with python; Visualizing data with python; Machine Learning with python- Introduction; Data Science and Machine Learning Capstone Project.

The course material in each section is accurate; both quality-wise as well as distribution wise. Each section is designed to check your overall progress as well as to get a command over the topics learned before. At the end of the course, you will be provided with a certificate. Completing this program will give you proficiency in solving real-life data science problems. The instructors in this program are Ph.D., Data Scientists, and Data Science Architects. With guidance from such authorities, your overall development and career will hit all-new high notches. All these factors make this course much more difficult to ignore when you’re searching for some quality content online.

Time Period: 2-4 months

Ranking: 4.6/5

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Python for Data Science (Coursera)

The experience of learning from the leading scientists in the industry who are involved in solving day to day problems in the real world is entirely different from reading and learning from the theoretical books. But here’s the fun part; you don’t need to go anywhere to get an opportunity to learn from the experts in the field. You can get your hands on the expertise sitting at your own home in your comfort zone at any time suitable to you.

This Python for Data Science Program by Coursera is an action-packed course that will kick start your learning of Python for Data Science as well as programming in general. Coursera provides a very interactive interface for its learners by using creative videos and content. The guidelines provided are simple enough to be understood by a complete fresher. The session can take you from a zero to a hero in python just in a matter of hours.

The course contains 4 modules viz. Python Basics; Python Data Structures; Python programming fundamentals and Working with data in Python. These modules take you through the entire program step by step. Every module offers something different, challenging, creative and surprising. After completing these 4 modules you will create a project which will test your overall skills learned during the entire course. With this course, you will acquire a grip on skills such as Pandas, Data Science, Python Programming, Numpy, etc. You will be trained by Joseph Santarcangelo who is a Data Scientist at IBM and a Ph.D. The course curriculum consists of Videos, Content, and Quizzes which provide an overall new creative environment for learning. You will be awarded a certificate after completion of the course. Completing this course will surely give you an upper hand in this field and will help develop overall problem-solving skills.

Time Period: 10 hours

Ranking: 4.6/5

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Python A-Z: Python for Data Science (Udemy)

Udemy provides one of the best Data Science courses available online. Its programs are designed in such a way that they will take you through a series of problem sets and help you grasp the fundamentals step by step. The program involves a vast variety of content varying from installing packages in python to coding in Jupiter notebook to creating loops and variables and much more. The best part of this program is that you get to learn through live examples that are viable to relate to. The whole training is power-packed with real-life analytical challenges which make the program more practical. The course is designed such that it is suitable for all skill sets varying from beginner to intermediate level.

Course content covers core programming principles; Fundamentals of python; Matrices; Data Frames; Advanced Visualization. The techniques and content used that comprise the whole interface is very user-friendly. All the examples provided in the course are easy to relate to and very practical. The course environment is very interactive and makes you familiar with real-life problems. The tutor Kirill Eremenko is a Data Science Management Consultant and is well versed with the analytics used in various industries like finance, retail, and transport. This course is definitely for you if you are tired of all the python programs which are too complicated. You will also get homework assignments that create a real-time learning experience altogether. By the end of this program, you will be awarded a certificate.

Time period: 11-12 hours, 2-3 hours/week

Ranking: 4.6/5

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Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Boot Camp (Udemy)

This program is for people with at least some programming experience on hand. It covers Python for both Data Science as well as Machine Learning which is in growing demand in companies nowadays. This comprehensive course will guide you in learning how to use Python to analyze data, create visualizations, and use powerful machine learning algorithms. There are plenty of such comprehensive courses available online but this one is providing quality content at a very optimum price that is just a fraction of the amount you would spend at other courses. The program provides content in the form of various videos, lectures, articles and downloadable resources.

Some of the major contents of the course are Logistic Regression, SciKit learning for machine learning, Neural Networks, Linear Regression, Natural language processing, and spam filters. Every lecture is provided with real-time examples and problem-solving techniques. All the AI models are beautifully explained and are very easy to relate to. The instructor Jose Marcial breaks down the entire introduction part in such a way that one could understand it effortlessly. The concepts are repeated with exercised to reinforce the knowledge grasped. The environment is very user-friendly and visualizations are done beautifully. This course comes with full lifetime access to it so you can refer to it again at any time in the future. With all these benefits included, this program for sure is worth a try.

Time Period: 23-24 hours, 4-5 hours/week

Ranking: 4.6

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Here was a brief description of the Best python data science courses which can turn out to be really effective when learned with the true and required dedication. you can also go for other courses like Best Linear Regression Courses Online, Best Coursera Machine Learning Courses, etc. Happy learning.!

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