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Since the establishment of mass media, we have been surrounded by advertisements. Every product or service used, has an advertisement associated with it. For marketing and expansion, every year thousands of ads are produced. Companies celebrate their achievements, changes, and ideas by producing advertisements. This in turn has provided quality jobs, careers and explored the creative attribute out of people.

Advertising has two teams you can be a part of :

  • The Creative Team: It is responsible for putting out the message. Screenplay writers, directors, animators, editors are part of this team. They will produce content that needs to be presented.
  • The Executive Team: It is responsible for the reach of the content produced. They conduct media research, using tools and scientific approaches to predict the reaction and success of the advertisement. 

Advertisements need not be just in a video format for screens, they can be in the form of billboards, newspaper ads, magazines( print), or virtual ads. The field of advertising demands three qualities. And If you have them, then go ahead sign up!

Hard work

Working for media could be an easy job if and only if you are willing to walk the extra mile. Burning the midnight oil should be of no big deal to you. Sometimes ideas won’t strike at the right time. You may have to condition yourself to think of a specific direction without burnout. There could be locations that are suitable only for a specific part of the day. Your team may not be as cooperative as you think. In such situations, Smart work and hard work are needed.


The economic times defined advertising as the process of communicating with the user of the services and product. The main idea is to educate the users about the product/service through different ways that could grab the psychology of an individual. As we move ahead in time, consumers are getting smarter too. Effective communication ways need to be figured out to get the profit you deserve. Besides consumers, one needs to communicate well with their team to avoid internal issues. Internal issues can have a direct impact on the content you make. Hence keep all matters aside and give in all your focus. 


This is the most important aspect of your job in advertising. Especially if you are a part of the creative team. Let me give you an example.

There are two kinds of ads. One can be of a basic product; washing power like ariel and another can be a forbidden product; alcohol like Imperial blue. Watch these two ads and compare them. Ariel ads throw scientific terms that one may not comprehend well. But blind trust pushes authority and makes them believe in them. Whereas Imperial blue, can’t even mention what the product is. Yet the funny element leaves a mark and adults are aware of what the ad is about.

Your creativity can make you produce such advertisements. Another example of a creative ad was by Tanishq advertisements. They try to highlight the traditions and culture of the country with a modern approach.

Education and Jobs

If you have the above skills when applying for a degree in media will be of great benefit to you. Complete your 10+2 with a minimum of 60% Get into a college that provides a degree in mass media. All mass media courses have a mandatory internship. This allows trying the field out before building a career in it. Subjects like ethics, advertising, copywriting, and editing will give you enough theoretical knowledge you need to enter the market. Opting for a master’s is optional. though the more you learn the better it is! The field of media focuses on your talents and passion, not your degree.

Working for advertising doesn’t bound you to countries. Many companies take up creators from India for ads and shoot. You could always work as a freelancer or be a part of public relations, private advertising industries, public sectors, creative director, or copywriter. Great cinematographers often start their careers from small ads. The working hours may be lengthier than you think. But the fruit is tastier!


The advertising industry may not be as vast as the film industry. But it can let you enter the industry. Remember not to pester yourself and be creative!

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