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BA in English honors is a 3-year undergraduate course in English Literature. It is one of the most popular courses, provided by almost all colleges in India. BA in English is about grammar and how you can use parts of speech. You will learn about the origin of the English language, its technicality, epics, drama, play, etc. It is an interesting option. This course is highly beneficial as it provides enormous job opportunities to students.

Here are some of the career opportunities for English honors students:

Mass Communication 

Mass Communication is the process of communicating and exchanging information through mass media to large segments of the population. It provides a variety of career opportunities like journalism, film-making, scriptwriting, fashion photographer, film directing, advertising, and so on. It is a study of various means of communication. Mass Communication is a good career path as it provides various options. It requires a lot of critical thinking. There is no strategy or formula to make a career in mass communication. Candidates must have a great creativity level. It is the most exciting and rewarding job option.

Event management 

Event management is the planning of large-scale events such as festivals, trade, shows, product launches, and so on. It teaches students how to plan events in all aspects. Candidates must have good organizational skills, communication, networking savvy, a basic understanding of events, a client-first approach, problem-solving, negotiation, budgeting, and multitasking. You will need a bachelor‘s in business, communication, public relations, marketing, or hospitality management to become an event planner. It is a good job choice as it does involve huge investment.

Public Relations 

It refers to the variety of actions conducted by a company to promote and protect the image of the company. It aims to manage public opinion on any particular organization. It encompasses a broad range of activities, builds a positive public image for a company or organization. Candidates should have excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, good IT skills, presentation skills, initiative and, creativity. It is quite hard to get a job in public relations.

Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing is the promotion of brands through the Internet and other forms of digital communication. It is also known as online marketing. A digital marketing manager handles the online presence of a company. Digital Marketing is quite tough because it involves lots of work. It is a highly stressful job but provides a good salary package.

Marketing and advertising 

Marketing is the process of identifying customer needs, whereas advertising exercise of promoting a company and its product through paid channels. Candidates should have great communication skills, interpersonal skills, and be confident public speakers. It provides large career opportunities with a good salary package.

Content writing 

Content writers create written material for websites and other types of media. You can start content writing through freelancing, internships, blogging, and certification programs. Every talented writer brings their unique voice, styles to the different perspective subject. Candidates must have excellent Creativity skills, adaptability, research, originality, time management, communication, editing, and knowledge of social media. Depending on skills, knowledge, performance, and good pay money, it is a good career opportunity.


Law is a system of rules created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior. It is a challenging option. Candidates must have excellent communication skills, a thirst for knowledge, independent learner, research skills, and commercial awareness. It is one of the toughest courses to do. 


After English Honors, teaching helps or facilitates the learning process for others. Teaching should make learning better, faster, and easier. A teacher must encourage contact between students and faculty, develop reciprocity, cooperation among students, encourage active learning, emphasize tasks, communicate high expectations, and respect diverse talents and ways of learning. One should have good communication skills, adaptable nature, show empathy and have patience. Teachers are the backbone of our society and, it is one of the most respectful and prestigious career options.

:By- Sananda Saha

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