5 Books that will Enhance your Thinking

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5 books that will enhance your thinking can be our friends for life and for all the right reasons. They are the only things that never leave you alone. They always help you. Books make you laugh, cry and help you find real meaning in your life. Reading books provides you with the inspiration to do great things. There is no doubt the reading is a priceless activity, the habit of reading makes you worth it.

5 Books that will Enhance your Thinking

1. Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

This book is amazing. It will teach you the importance of yourself. It is not for an excuse maker or finger pointers. This book is only for those who are ready to change their life and responsibility for where they are in life. Goggins does an amazing job. He says most people are only living at 40% of their potential and most people settle for a life less than their best. In this book, you will find a lot of things that give exposure to your life and thinking. And if you are strong enough to accept responsibility for your life. Then this is a must read. Goggins says excuses are effective because they work and when you are them, you identify with them. When you identify them, they become a part of your life. This book will surely give you a huge impact to understand your thinking.

I Want To Become Good Better Best In Life

2. Atomic Habits by James clear

This book presents an easy and proven way to build effective, good habits with the least amount of effort and the highest amount of reward. And one of the most important things that James Clear, talk about is you need to find out what is your minimum viable habits. That means when you are trying to create a habit of waking up early and studying in the morning, don’t do the most complex thing first. Instead, of that think about your strong point that you can bring into your life And then from there, you keep increasing your work and make it easy. This book is outstanding if you are looking for something perspective which will lie out a bunch of do’s and doesn’t for creating new habits and breaking old ones.


3. Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins

This one will guide you to discovering what you want for your life. It will teach all things about human psychology and including how to program your mind in a minute and eliminate any fears. Tony talks about how you can duplicate the success of other people through proven practices. It is a must-read if you are truly serious about becoming successful and understanding how the human minds work.

4. The 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss

If you want to become more productive, work less and make your life worthy, then this book is for you. This book eliminates everything from your life that takes your time for little reward and creates more time for living. Tim Ferriss Talk about a way to get all the rewards of working without having to wait until the end of your career. So this book is a must-read.

5. The four agreements by Don mogul Ruiz

This book is short and an easy read and this book will change your life because it was one of the first books that talks about the concept of your life. The concept that blew your mind. This book states you should take nothing personally because everything that happened what people say to you it’s not really about you. It is a mirror of themselves. This book taught you how to stop caring about what others say and think about you. The four agreements show in the book are so simple which make this book interesting and easy to read. This book surely taught you to look at the world differently.

By – Bharti Sharma 

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