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If you are a business owner or someone with a job, you must know the importance of time management. Most of us have a hard time making a schedule that works or following it, and we end up completing most of our tasks at the last moment. Due to this, it becomes extremely challenging to manage our work life and personal life.

If you are able to manage your manage, no one can stop you from succeeding, but if not, you will be stuck at the same point in your life and never grow. Time management is one of the most crucial skills in the life of a working professional. So, here are some of the best tips you can use to manage your days effectively.


Your first step before making any schedule should be to write down all your tasks for the day or the week in front of you. Notice that not all activities have the same importance or provide you with the same value. Find out which activities are the most valuable and try to finish them first, and then move on to other activities. Doing this will help you go through all the tasks smoothly, and you will feel content. 



According to science, humans need to sleep for at least 8 hours to function efficiently. If you sleep less than that for a repeated amount of time, you will become less productive and be puzzled. Sleeping less will not do you any good. So, no matter how much work you have, make sure to complete 8 hours of sleep.

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When making a schedule to manage your time, you need to understand what activities you spend your time on. When you have realized where your time is going, figure out the things that waste your time. Try to cut down on those and spend it on things that help you in your personal development. Make a report for yourself every week and be your judge. 

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According to this rule, if any task takes less than a minute to complete, then do it immediately instead of postponing it for later. Activities such as replying to an email, keeping things back at their place, tidying the desk, making the bed, filling the water bottles, etc., take less than a minute to complete. If you finish all these at the exact moment, things won’t pile up. It also gives you mental peace, as you will lesser things on your mind.


Setting a time limit for an activity can help you from getting distracted and spending extra time on it. If you spend more than intended time on a task, then your timetable gets messed up. Make sure to take breaks between tasks to avoid burning out. 



Procrastination can be the real enemy of everyone, whether they are students or working professionals. It diverts us from our targets, and we end up wasting time. If you want to become good at time management, stay away from procrastination. Start completing your tasks as soon as possible and use the extra time on your hand to get a head start on the following activities or use it to learn something. The time that you waste in procrastination will never come back, so don’t waste it at any cost.



Every complex task can be broken down into smaller tasks. Use this tip to be more productive and list all these smaller tasks on a to-do list. Smaller and doable tasks are measurable, so they can help observe your success. Some awesome time-management and tracking apps are Trello, Your Hour, Notion, Toggl, Evernote, Forest, etc.

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The key to staying productive is feeling well. If you feel unwell or get sick, you will not do anything. This is why eating healthy and exercising is very important for everyone. Avoid oily foods, they will make you sleepy, and you will lose your motivation. Consume vegetables and fruits that help boost productivity like blueberries, green tea, leafy vegetables, nuts, etc., and make sure to stay hydrated. 

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By: Ria Prasad

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