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As we move on, there arises many new career options, many new fields. Time also manages to open some of the old options which were ignored not taken as a worthy job. With the increased exposure, the world is now open to so many choices and options. every platform is becoming accessible and genderless. One such platform which was ignored for a long time and viewed as an unstable career option is tourism.

This industry has come up to such a platform now that it creates some of the most lucrative job offers and has maintained an industry with a lot of employment opportunities and high profit rates. Till date, many people are concerned by the stability of the industry. There are many factors which do affect the stability of the industry but in a way it’s not very easy for the industry to break down. Taking example of the present-day pandemic, although there is a nationwide lockdown, the spread of the virus is severe, it does put restrictions on travelling for the mean time.

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But taking the nature of the people into consideration, the first thing they would do after the lockdown lifts is to take a time off from the daily home routine and have a vacation. Other than that business travel will start in a greater flow to cover up for the pandemic inconvenience. Another peculiar phenomenon about travelling is that it’s a global phenomenon, its one of the needs of a human being as its one of the ways to freshen your mind.

Therefore this industry can never break down. It is affected by the change of seasons and change of scenario, but the flow is never static, it’s always moving. Therefore the tourism industry is known as the sunshine industry, as the world here is always in flow. Now coming to career options in tourism, there are two very common misconceptions about the field. One of them is that people assume that the role of a person in this industry is directly connected to the name of the industry, that workers have to travel continuously in this industry but its not true.

Tourism Jobs

There are many kinds of jobs in this field but most of them is the job of planning and evaluating which is mostly a desk job. Travel is not only for leisure purposes but also can be carried out for business and other purposes. The package or the salary will not be grand from the beginning, but you can always have the chance of getting promoted. One of the advantages you can acquire in college if you’re interested in the field is by learning a foreign language. There are a lot of categories which exist in this industry.

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It can be the marketing department or the planning department, each category has a different requirement and a different approach to the idea of tourism. Its not only about the allocation of budget or services its also about planning the location chain and developing the trip according to the demand of the client. In tourism, the business is all about client satisfaction and new tourism products which encourages a creative and a calculative mind. There are also high profit jobs like that of a travel publicist and travel supervisor.

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There are many colleges in India now which are actually promoting the study of tourism in graduation and during the process trains the students in developing their field skills and testing their creativity by arranging for competitions asking them to come up with product ideas of their own. Two of these colleges are the Christ University and Mount Carmel College in Bangalore. Therefore it is definitely a not a field you can be negative about.


By: Srija Dutta

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