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Commerce is the exchange of goods and services, especially on a large scale. It includes legal, economic, political, social, cultural, and technological systems that operate in a country or in international trade. (Ref: Wikipedia). It is also a widely chosen area for many students. Commerce includes subjects like Economics, Accountancy, Business Study, Statistics for Economics, etc., I’m going to tell some of the highest paying jobs for commerce students. They are:


The designation CA is one of the highest designations for any commerce student. The job role for any CA is Accounting. As a CA, you have to validate the accounts and provide trustworthy information about financial records. Even you have to give advice, audit the accounts, taxation work, risk management, etc., You’ll get at least Rs 50,000 per month as starting salary. Later your salary gets hiked to Rs 1,00,00 and above.

2.  CEO

Chief Executing Officer is the highest-ranking execution in a company. He/She is responsible for managing almost every important tasks for developing the company in every aspect, managing the operations and resources, involved in recruiting the employees or he/she can fire the employees, act as a visionary, etc., If anybody becomes a C.E.O, they get paid of Rs 5 Crores per annum. If anybody becomes  C.E.O for small companies gets less payment than the above’s number. C.E.O’s get paid higher in foreign countries of at least 10 times greater than in India. Unless you are a founder of a company, to become a C.E.O, you have to get a rich experience in the field.

3. CMA

Certified Management Accountant is one who has a certification in Accounting and Strategic Management. Its special focus is on Corporate Accounting and Management Accounting. There are many roles like Financial Analyst, Financial Manager, Chief Financial Officer(CFO), etc., Financial Analyst role earns Rs 15,000-85,000 per month, Financial Manager gets Rs 38,000-1.8 Lakhs per month and CFO gets at least of Rs 80,000 to Rs 6,00,000 per month. The salary gets increased based on experience.

4. Company Secretary 

A company secretary is a senior position in a private sector company or public sector organization. The company secretary ensures that an organization complies with relevant legislation and regulation, and keeps board members informed of their legal responsibilities (Ref: Wiki) The salary given for a CS will be Rs 25k per month. If he/she gains experience and gets into big companies like MNC’s, they can expect a salary of Rs 1,00,000 and above.

5. HRM

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a practice of recruiting people for different roles. They recruit people who are skilled, for the development of the company. They even help in planning, working to achieve the company objectives and goals, performance appraisals, training, and placement, etc., MBA has a specialization in HRM. These people get salaries of at least Rs 1,00,000 and above per month. If you work in an MNC, you’ll get more than Rs 2 Lakhs per month.

6. Financial Risk Manager

This is one of the finest and one of the highest paying jobs for Commerce student designation given. You can be proud to tell that you are the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) in that company. The role of FRM is to deal with the risk involved in financial markets. They have specialized skills in assessing the risks involved in the area. They help in areas like banking, insurance companies, accounting companies, Marketing companies, etc., They get paid more than Rs 8 Lakhs per anum if they gain experience. There may be some small companies that may give Rs 4.3 Lakhs per annum but you can earn more if you gain experience.

7. Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager, as the name, indicates that he/she is involved in promoting the products i.e promoting the business. He is involved in marketing the products by advertising, maintaining healthy public relations, etc., to maximize the company’s income. Every marketing employee works under the Marketing Manager. They get easily paid at least a minimum of Rs 70,000 per month. Experience is always an added advantage where there is a payment of more than Rs 1.2 Lakh per month.

8. Cost Accountant

Cost Accountant is the one who determines the actual costs associated with the manufacturing of goods or the services they provide. They report about the month-end closing and reporting process to the management. They set costs for processes like manufacturing products, shipping them, labor costs, administration costs, etc., The salary given to these guys will be at least Rs 30,000 per month. After gaining experience,  they can get more than Rs 50,000 – Rs 70,000.

9. Investment Bankers

Investment Bankers help their clients raise money in capital markets by issuing debt or selling equity in the companies. (Ref Investopedia). These people get paid at least Rs 9,00,000 and above per annum. If you go outside India to foreign countries where there are the largest banks by revenue, if you get a job in them, then you get settled for your life.

10. Certified Financial Planner

A Certified Financial Planner is the one who is an expert in making financial plans for the company, taxes, insurance, etc., In India, the less standard in CFP study creates fewer opportunities but the investment in many areas is increasing. So, after some years, you can get into this post. There is a good value for CFP’s in foreign countries. CFP’s get paid Rs 30,000 as a fresher. You’ll get a high pay if you have additional things like your domain knowledge, your additional qualification, etc., If you go to foreign you’ll get $60,000-$70,000 per annum.

Highest paying jobs for Commerce students

Those are more of the highest paying jobs for Commerce students.  Please do deeper research in every job which I’ve written above to make sure you have the prerequisites corresponding to the job.

I hope this blog gives you better informed about what you are looking for.

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So this is the end of the post 10 Highest paying jobs for Commerce students. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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