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Human Resource Management is the study and practice of management of human resources and effective utilization of them by implementing right policies, and also taking care of the employees. Human Resource (HR) Managers are involved with recruitment, training, career development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, industrial relations, employment law, compliance, disciplinary and grievance issues, redundancies etc.

Hello friend, The B.Com and BBA has its own merits. Let me tell you about BBA and b.Com, then you will have an idea, which field to pursue. Most of the [students get into commerce stream][1] with no understanding of what it involves. However, if management is ultimate goal, though both BBA and B.Com will lead to MBA, but one needs to give it a serious thought as to what subjects to graduate in even if the ultimate goal is MBA. It is true that both BBA and B.Com lead to MBA, however, while the B.Com can lead to a wide array of post graduate specializations, a BBA degree on the other hand, can

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Hi There, Impressive that you are not only thinking from career point of view but also how it will be fruitful if you do some ad on courses. Anyways after BBA, pursuing an MBA is a must. Since [BBA is a graduate course][1] and will just give you an overview of the market. An in-depth study is a must. Also as you have mentioned you pursuing BBA from an IB board, which definitely means a combination of subjects, so accordingly you can choose a course that will help you in future. As such being a [management graduate][2], mainly important is communication. So you can get yourself a crash c

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[Human resource management][1] subject is delivered in undergraduate level as part of the Bcom or BBA ; at the MSc level, then the PGDM/ MBA and finally at the doctoral level. Below I shall list [the top colleges for offering Human resource management both at MSc and PGDM/ MBA level across India][2].  For [top universities offering MSc Human resource management in India:][4]1. IIT Kharagpur School of Humanities, Kolkatta MSc Human resource management2. Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi MA Human resource management3. Tata Institute of social sciences, Mumbai MA Human resource m

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There are certain myths about HR managers that they have to keep sitting in front of computer all the day, they are good for nothing fellows, the degree in HR does not matter much,................But it is not so because HR managers have a very prominent role to play in an organization, like that of recruitment, sorting out issues related to underpay or overpay, leaves etc., Manpower - how much required and how many are overpaid etc. They need to work for the all-round development of fellow colleagues as well as the organization itself, thuis without any hassle you may go for taking admission

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Dear Aspirant, Doing MSc in Human Development will have a limited role in the corporate. If you wish to join NGOs or teaching or remain in the research, then MSc Human Development will be best. Best wishes

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Hello Thanks for visiting us at Careeer!!! Computer science is a well established field and I am so glad you choose this branch of engineering. You can definitely study either ME/ MTech or MBA after studing BE. Computer science engineering. Doing an MBA or ME depends on your interest in business or a technical subject like computer science. Lots of students choose MBA as the default option and I request you to carefully think and consider why you want to study an MBA. Never study a degree because everybody on the Earth is flocking to the MBA degree.   All you need now to do is s

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