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Human Resource Management is the study and practice of management of human resources and effective utilization of them by implementing right policies, and also taking care of the employees. Human Resource (HR) Managers are involved with recruitment, training, career development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, industrial relations, employment law, compliance, disciplinary and grievance issues, redundancies etc.

There are certain myths about HR managers that they have to keep sitting in front of computer all the day, they are good for nothing fellows, the degree in HR does not matter much,................But it is not so because HR managers have a very prominent role to play in an organization, like that of recruitment, sorting out issues related to underpay or overpay, leaves etc., Manpower - how much required and how many are overpaid etc. They need to work for the all-round development of fellow colleagues as well as the organization itself, thuis without any hassle you may go for taking admission

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Hello Thanks for visiting us at Careeer!!! Computer science is a well established field and I am so glad you choose this branch of engineering. You can definitely study either ME/ MTech or MBA after studing BE. Computer science engineering. Doing an MBA or ME depends on your interest in business or a technical subject like computer science. Lots of students choose MBA as the default option and I request you to carefully think and consider why you want to study an MBA. Never study a degree because everybody on the Earth is flocking to the MBA degree.   All you need now to do is s

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first you have a post graduate in hrm and after that u join any big companies after few years you can be a profeesior in the college

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Human Resource Manager is responsible  for looking after the entire spectrum of HR activities including manpower planning, recruitment , training & development, & payroll administration . He has to collect manpower requisition for all departments of an organization, advertising about jobs in various job portals keeping in mind the eligibility criteria & job responsibilities , selecting recruitment consultants for best hiring practices , identifying the training needs within organization & hiring trainers for taking care of technical & behavioral training needs. He is a

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Hi, I am so glad to advice you on your question. Know what? I am a researcher and one of my research areas is about ON-RAMPING WOMEN CAREERS SUCCESSFULLY - meaning taking a smooth transition into career after a career break. First of all, salute to your thoughts on deciding to make a come back to your career. I always appreciate women willing to work and not intending to step back, glad you are one of them. Actually there are many ways to give that spark on your dull CV. There is one strategy that will keep you on foot even when you are out of work and it is the NGO/ charity work. Not man

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Dear aspirant, A human resource manager needs to communicate with employees and management on regular basis. It involves both verbal and written communication I.e. conveying management decisions, organising group activities, performance review etc.Hence, communication skills are highly important. 

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Dear Aspirant, Nice to know about your entrepreneurial stint. Commendable! How come you have realised that HR is the field for you in the future? That too suddenly? You have worked for call centres and then you were in education domain and now you are thinking of HR profession? This is weird. I feel, you should continue with your business in education coaching which has possibility of high returns and satisfaction. A job will not give you the satisfaction of having your own entity and running it. You are 32 years of age and without qualification and knowledge in Human Resource, you will not ge

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Dear Aspirant, Options are many. There are Common Entrance Tests as well as Private BSchools independent entrance tests also. Selection of the entrance test shall be dependent on your choice of a BSchool. If you are aiming for IIMs, then CAT is mandatory. If you are aiming for state level university MBA, then State CET is to be appeared for. If you aiming for private BSchools like Symbiosis, Narsee Monjee, VIT, etc. then you will have to appear for their entrance tests separately. However, as far as preparation of the exams is concerned, I would suggest that you should appear for at least 2 en

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Dear Aspirant, There is definitely scope for management in agriculture, however only if you are a qualified Agriculturist and have the necessary technical knowledge and experience. Also, MBA should be opted only after some years of work experience in the relevant field. Please do not consider MBA as the technique or a ticket to jobs in the relevant field. You should definitely do MBA in AgriBusiness since it will make you learn the business aspects of agriculture. Best wishes

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There are many courses for you to choose from, but your interest is of utmost importance. If you want to pursue psychology, then just focus on this stream, nothing can be more demanding than Psychology, its really, a good subject and has a good scope as well, by studying Psychologist you can become a psychologist in various dimensions, depending on your inclination, a counsellor etc. These areas are very much different from Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in HR, I personally would recommend you to pursue psychology. Obtain a bachelors degree in psychology from a government institutio

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CAT requires qualitative, not quantitative preparation. When it comes to CAT preparation, the teachers create the real difference. There are institutes which provide good coaching to achieve 90 percentile like iQuanta, TIME  coaching. CAT is an exam that tests your expertise in 3 basic fields:- 1.Mathematics and data interpretation. 2. English and reading comprehension. 3.logical reasoning. If you are serious for CAT, you cannot ignore any one of the sections. One has to be a jack of all the three sections to ace the test, this becomes more important since one never knows what the compos

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Dear Aspirant, Labour Laws, Learning & Development, HR Strategy are some of the fields in which you can specialise in the HR domain. If you are not an HR MBA qualified, doing that is recommended. If you are already an MBA, then a short term executive development programme with one of the top BSchools is recommended. Switching jobs is also recommended if you want growth and change in work environment and culture. Alternatively, think for starting your own recruitment consultancy services which require very less capital but large number of contacts. Best wishes

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Dear Aspirant, Firstly your question suggests that the Human Resource field you chose was itself a wrong career decision and therefore now after years you have realised that human resource is no more of interest to you and you now think of shifting to another field. I would have understood if you told me that you wish to diversify or change your domain from Human Resource to another related field, but when you say that you wish to go for Biology, it gives me the impression that you are still not sure what to do in career and life. Doing different things will not lead you anywhere and will comp

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Dear Aspirant, Since you are already an MBA in HR and Marketing and if you have more than 55% in the MBA degree, then I would recommend you to appear for NET / SET examination conducted by UGC every year. Once you get NET / SET qualified, you will get eligible for jobs in senior commerce and management colleges in all over India. Doing MA Education will not serve any purpose since you are an MBA and you can teach HR and Marketing. Further, I wouls suggest you to aim for a PhD in your subject so that you can get higher positions in the teaching industry. Best wishes  

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Dear Aspirant, You have not mentioned any of your background details in terms of education, number of years of work experience, current job profile, etc. As you explain your problem to a medical doctors, you should do the same here since we are Career Doctors. Specialisation depends on your current job profile, years of experience and your future goal or aspiration or planning. Generally, Executive Programmes in General Management are perfect for senior management level positions, since they are not too much domain specific but are more towards work, strategy and people management.  Strat

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Dear Aspirant, I agree with Ms. Meghana too. I find no use of dfoing something advanced in Human Resource and that too from abroad. Please remove the apprehension that doing something as a fresher from abroad gives you some thing extra. As a fresher your priority should be to find a job. Getting work experience is a must for you now. Along side a job, you may get certified Psychometric Assessment Techniques, Psychology courses, Labour Law course, ISO Certifications, Six Sigma Certifications. These will help you in Human Resource.  Learning and Development is a very critical aspe

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Dear Aspirant, I am very happy to see you inclination to continue your education and get well qualified in order to progress in your career. If you wish to continue in your job, you can complete your graduation through distance mode from a recognised University. Ensure that you get atleast 55% in graduation. Now that you are thinking for MBA HR, this can also be done through part time or distance. Since you have good amount of work experience, doing MBA HR part time / executive is recommended. Best wishes

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Dear Aspirant, To work in a corporate culture, you need to leave your job in training institute. You are a MBA HR & Marketing and you are into Admin. Hope you are interested in HR domain. You will be treated as a fresher since you do not have HR domain experience. If you wish to continue as Administration staff member, then a little benefit can be there. Looking out for a job through job portals, newspaper advertisement, referrals, family & friends is the way to get into a MNC. As rightly suggested by Ms. Meghna, ensure you have good communication skills, domain knowledge and adva

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Dear Friend, you need to complete your graduation ion any stream - arts/commerce/science or may be BBA and then you need to pursue your MBA (HR) or International Affairs from a renowned institution after qualifying either of these tests with a good score - CAT/XAT/MAT and you may consider these institutions - World College of Technology and Management, Gurgaon,......................Axis Institute of Technology and Management, Kanpur,............................Lovely Professional University, Phagwara

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Dear Aspirant, By PG in Accountancy do you mean MCom in Accountancy? If yes, then I would recommend you to do CPA. Ofcourse this will depend on your real interest in Accountancy and Audit. If the answer is yes, then definitely CPA would add value. With CPA you have less scope for direct employment in India. Only CPA qualified professionals get jobs abroad. Ideally a Chartered Accountancy doing CPA course is seen and is beneficial. CFA is a different course altogether. This is not related to Accounting. CFA is about Financial Analysis, where your Accounting knowledge will be required but it is

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Hello Amanpreet You may pursue MBA HR course after BBA course. It has psychology as one of the factors. You may parallel pursue psychology course from websites like It will be a good combination as HR needs to know people and work with them. However, a job in HR will involve majority of desk work. You may get to travel for some tasks like campus recruitment or assisting in training sessions that are conducted at different places. If your focus is on travelling then go for courses related to hotel management or related to travel and tourism. Write a psychometric test if you want s

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Dear Aspirant, When you speak about MBA, then it is important and required to do it from Top BSchools only. Please let me know the State in which you are so that I can tell you some Institutes for MBA. HR is a good field for career and doing MBA HR from institutes like IIMs, XLRI, SIBM is recommended. Best wishes

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Hi Mayank, Interesting question. I am sure, if you go through the job role of an HR person, it involves Recruitment and maintaining and creating a database Performance Appraisal Payroll and compensation management Training and development Now a days, HR is not only involved in recruiting and training a candidate, but is also responsible for choosing the right candidate through a database, also before hiring making sure its the right candidate. They are also involved in Psychometric testing or personality and aptitude testing so that the right candidate is hired. Its not just an interview any

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Hi Harini, Appreciate your keeness to know more and learn more. There are scores of certification programs in HR that can quench your thirst for knowledge. However, i would suggest you first get onto a job (If not working now) and continue your certifications. When it comes to HR and allied verticals, experience matters the most than certifications. Theory will just get us minimal knowledge and exposure is sure an edge. HRM is a vast umbrella with various sub segments like: job design and analysis, workforce planning, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management

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Dear Aspirant, Why do you wish to enter into a very specialised field right after 12th? Human Resources is a good career option however, there are no good courses in HR after 12th and if available they are not at all joining due to absence of employability and knowledge. I would suggest that you complete your graduation first in the stream you are currently in and then opt for MBA HR from a reputed and top BSchool in India. Start preparing for the MBA entrance tests like CAT, MAT, CMAT, CET, XAT, SNAP when you enter into your last year of graduation. Best wishes

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Dear Aspirant, Learning a foreign language as per my experience is a supplement and complement to a basic graduation and post graduation course. However if you wish to make careers in translation, languages, then pursuing a full course in foreign languages is recommended. If not, you can do diploma / certificate courses in foreign languages. Choosing a strong graduate and post graduate course in either commerce/arts/science/engineering/medicine is highly recommended. Best wishes

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