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Human Resource Management is the study and practice of management of human resources and effective utilization of them by implementing right policies, and also taking care of the employees. Human Resource (HR) Managers are involved with recruitment, training, career development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, industrial relations, employment law, compliance, disciplinary and grievance issues, redundancies etc.

There are certain myths about HR managers that they have to keep sitting in front of computer all the day, they are good for nothing fellows, the degree in HR does not matter much,................But it is not so because HR managers have a very prominent role to play in an organization, like that of recruitment, sorting out issues related to underpay or overpay, leaves etc., Manpower - how much required and how many are overpaid etc. They need to work for the all-round development of fellow colleagues as well as the organization itself, thuis without any hassle you may go for taking admission

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Hello Thanks for visiting us at Careeer!!! Computer science is a well established field and I am so glad you choose this branch of engineering. You can definitely study either ME/ MTech or MBA after studing BE. Computer science engineering. Doing an MBA or ME depends on your interest in business or a technical subject like computer science. Lots of students choose MBA as the default option and I request you to carefully think and consider why you want to study an MBA. Never study a degree because everybody on the Earth is flocking to the MBA degree.   All you need now to do is s

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first you have a post graduate in hrm and after that u join any big companies after few years you can be a profeesior in the college

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Human Resource Manager is responsible  for looking after the entire spectrum of HR activities including manpower planning, recruitment , training & development, & payroll administration . He has to collect manpower requisition for all departments of an organization, advertising about jobs in various job portals keeping in mind the eligibility criteria & job responsibilities , selecting recruitment consultants for best hiring practices , identifying the training needs within organization & hiring trainers for taking care of technical & behavioral training needs. He is a

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Hi, I am so glad to advice you on your question. Know what? I am a researcher and one of my research areas is about ON-RAMPING WOMEN CAREERS SUCCESSFULLY - meaning taking a smooth transition into career after a career break. First of all, salute to your thoughts on deciding to make a come back to your career. I always appreciate women willing to work and not intending to step back, glad you are one of them. Actually there are many ways to give that spark on your dull CV. There is one strategy that will keep you on foot even when you are out of work and it is the NGO/ charity work. Not man

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Dear aspirant, A human resource manager needs to communicate with employees and management on regular basis. It involves both verbal and written communication I.e. conveying management decisions, organising group activities, performance review etc.Hence, communication skills are highly important. 

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Hi Vignesh,  Please share a little more information so that counsellors have sufficient information to guide you further. This is more like a generalised statement.  Suggest you to use free resources like 80000 hours.  Ben

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Hello Hema,  Be sure firstly whatever you study would not be easy but the level of difficulty would- vary. But please do not choose aed on this criteria. Choose on the basis of your interest and future aspiration. Only then will you achieve results you are worthy of. If management is your ultimate goal then both and BBA are good options. If you wish to learn about management at the graduate level so that you can scale through MBA as well as face no difficulty selecting a specialization, then you could opt for BBA.  But if you wish to graduate in a different area and have intere

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Hello Aditya,  Interesting work profile. But why do you wish to move into the HR profile? Or is it only the training part that you are interested in?. Assuming that you are interested in just the training domain. Here you have two options. One, you join an existing and experienced trainer and be his assistant and learn from him. This is what I would prefer as it gives you a first hand exposure, so no learning cost and at the sametime you know the domains in which training can be performed and most importantly develop contacts. Second option is begin on your own. Here first you would have

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Every organization or company has a business to run, and make some pretty good profits. In order to do that successfully and in the best possible way, every company requires some great managers. Managers are those skilled and field professionals who supervise the whole structure of movement in their department and take care of each and everything in the best possible way in order to provide best results to the company and find the best possible solutions needed in order to solve the problem and get the job done. This makes the management sector as most desirable job opportunity in our country

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Hi Akshad, Thank you for asking this question. well to start off to answer your concern, I would ask you presuming that you are in college as of now as you are asking this question, what are you doing while you are in college.   Are you doing any of the followings 1. part of any societies 2. part of any fest or team 3. Any projects or internships 4. what all subjects are doing practically in terms of  gaining market knowledge  5. who are you connecting with both online and offline during your semester and breaks  All the above will help you to understand and be cl

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Hello Priya,   Your question is like comparing a product manufactured by say Parle and the same product manufactured by a local brand. Please note this does not mean that a local brand would not be great. Its just that through ages a company has made a niche in the mind of the people and earned their loyalties. Similar is the case with IIT.   Right from syllabus, which is industrial oriented to practical methods of teaching, allowing student to raise questions, conduct research and experiments and learn, to most importantly faculty members. The faculties are all well known people of

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Hello Puja, Interesting question.  But before I answer your query, let me tell you, any course you do and with that any job you take, would be interesting initially, but once you get a hang of the job, it gets monotonous. But that does not mean, you quit the job or look out for a different course. Because at the end, how many jobs and courses or degrees can you go on adding? Anyways coming back to your question. You have mentioned Generalist profile, which means you look after all the HR roles. Why dont you try your luck in Training? You could get a certification in training and developme

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Dear Aspirant, Having 40% in your graduation and that too of commerce which is a scoring stream is really a problem area. The fact is all courses generally admit students on the minimum percentage of 45-50% only. Your 40% is a problem which you will have to live with. What can you do now should have been thought about when you appeared for the exams of graduation very casually and got so low percentages. However, you can do one thing now. Do M.Com in a good subject which you can score in and get atleast 55%. After this you will be able to get jobs to begin your career at lower level or you may

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Hi, Human Resource Department in any organization can be considered the backbone of that organization owing to the importance of the HR Department in various Human Resource Aspects of the organization. Recruitment of employees, training them as per the objectives of the organization, appraisal of performance, maintenance of workplace environment, dispute redressal and management, public relations and communications, motivating employees and to leverage all these to achieve the goals in predetermined time. The working professionals in HR have very much to do with upgrading and updating themselv

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Hello Illiyas,  Why did you pursue air ticketing course after a degree in computers?. How was it related?. And now you wish to pursue an MBA.  One suggestion, dont just run behind degrees to attain higher qualification. It must be in sync with your basic qualification or else the basics holds no value at all. Anyways I would suggest think why you wish to pursue management course?. What is your objective?. Please do not fall in trap of a rat race.  In terms of further studies you could pursue an MCA which is in sync with your basic qualification. Rest is your choice Wish you good

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Dear aspirant, As I know MIM course is self financed programme of university. It is not well recognized programme by AICTE/UGC like MCA or B.Tech or M.Sc.IT or PGDITM. So that I suggest not to go for MIM for future career. I suggest you have to go for MCA/ B.Tech/M.Sc.IT for career in IT field. All the best.

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Hello Honey,  Every professional these days opt for an MBA to achieve a higher position. But ofcourse MBA is not the ultimate.  Please note being a commerce graduate is the first step towards a finance career. Along with graduation, you could opt for certificate courses like CA or CS. After graduation and few years of work experience, you could opt for courses like ICWAI or CFA. or courses related to financial markets or trade markets.  Insurance is another field open for a finance graduate. You could opt for a course in Actuarial science. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck...

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Hello Girija,  Its like too many questions together making it more and more complicated. But its better being complicated and questioning now than regreting later. If in the future you have decided to pursue MBA, then a graduation in any field is alright because anyways its just your management certificate that would matter only. But still as said one must pursue higher studies as per their basic qualification.  Hence, pursuing a undergraduate management course like BMS or BBA would be beneficial as you would get an idea about management and what you would face in the future. Incase

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Hi Vidhi, Go ahead and do a MBA in tourism. If you do it from a good college; then your future is secure. Do it provided; you love meeting people, organising things and events and of course traveling. Not many persons select such a course. But, the competition will be less; and India is one of the hottest tourist destinations of the world. It is only bound to grow at a rapid pace. Your friends and family members (maybe people around you) may say that 'Do HR or Finance'. But, let me warn you that there are enough people doing the same. So, competition is tough; and growth may be slow. It's a sa

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Dear Aspirant, Nice to know about your entrepreneurial stint. Commendable! How come you have realised that HR is the field for you in the future? That too suddenly? You have worked for call centres and then you were in education domain and now you are thinking of HR profession? This is weird. I feel, you should continue with your business in education coaching which has possibility of high returns and satisfaction. A job will not give you the satisfaction of having your own entity and running it. You are 32 years of age and without qualification and knowledge in Human Resource, you will not ge

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Dear Aspirant, Options are many. There are Common Entrance Tests as well as Private BSchools independent entrance tests also. Selection of the entrance test shall be dependent on your choice of a BSchool. If you are aiming for IIMs, then CAT is mandatory. If you are aiming for state level university MBA, then State CET is to be appeared for. If you aiming for private BSchools like Symbiosis, Narsee Monjee, VIT, etc. then you will have to appear for their entrance tests separately. However, as far as preparation of the exams is concerned, I would suggest that you should appear for at least 2 en

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