Ensuring a Successful Job Application

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If you see a job opening that seems interesting, don’t apply right away. Chances are, you’ll get a much better chance at landing the job if you spend some time preparing for it. Here is an article on Ensuring A Successful Job Application

Taking even just a small amount of time to make sure that you have all the requirements and that your application is tailored to the needs of the organisation in Singapore that you are applying to can go a long way in ensuring a successful job application. Know More Details on Know More Details on Services For Working Professionals.You can significantly improve the odds of being hired by following the suggestions below:

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Update Your CV

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Ideally, you should be updating your CV each year, not just when you need to find a new job. This is because you may forget to include different projects, achievements, and certifications that may be of interest to your next employer.  Know More Details on Job Hunt Tool Kit.

When updating your resume, include SkillsFuture funded courses and other adult or continuing education classes you may have taken. SkillsFuture is the national learning programme of Singapore that aims to help citizens develop their fullest potential through lifelong learning. Engaging in such pursuits can help signal to your future employer that you’re serious about improving your skills and experience. Be sure to include everything of note on your CV as this will make crafting a customised, position-specific resume much easier later on.

Sanitise Your Online Presence

An employee’s online behaviour can reflect very poorly on businesses. As a result, many employers take the time to stalk their candidates online. They may take particular interest in any potentially upsetting opinions or inappropriate posts and strike off candidates who create or share undesirable content.

While the ethics of doing so is infinitely debatable, you can safely assume most employers are going to look up your social media profiles as well as any website you might be maintaining. By adjusting your privacy settings and cleaning up your online presence, you can prevent misunderstandings that might strike you off a potential employer’s shortlist.

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Follow the Job Application Instructions Closely

If you’re applying for a job at a large company, there is a good chance that your application will have to be approved by an automated applicant tracking system before a human even sees it. If you’ve tried applying at an organisation that requires you to fill out an online form, this is almost certainly the case.

AI-driven applications are now commonly used to help small HR teams sift through possibly thousands of job applications. Because these teams are often overworked, it is to their benefit to simply reject all the applications that did not follow their instructions, no matter how silly these directions may seem.

For instance, they may ask you to send a traditional resume in addition to filling out their online form. This often confuses some applicants, as they will have to essentially repeat the contents of their resume. Chances are, the additional process is intended to solve a problem you might not be aware of. Regardless, if you want to be shortlisted for a specific position, it usually pays to follow the application instructions closely.

Research the Company

Most employers will strongly prefer applicants who display a familiarity with the company’s industry, products, and branding. Applicants who are already familiar with the business will typically need less time being brought up to speed, reducing their associated training and development costs. Know More Details on Starting Up Guidance.

Consider the Company’s Culture

A good cultural fit counts for a lot, especially in management, sales, and marketing positions. Demonstrating an affinity for the company’s culture can even make an applicant a shoo-in in situations where group dynamics are highly valued.

A variety of factors influence a company’s culture. The most obvious factor is the baseline culture of the executive or founding teams. The culture of their countries of origin is highly likely to influence the rest of the business’s way of handling things, even in foreign countries. Additionally, all organizations have to function within the frameworks of their host country as well as their industry, and these will ultimately shape the way things are done as well.

By taking the time to learn more about the culture of the organizations you plan to join, you not only increase the odds of a successful application, but you can consider whether or not applying is a good choice, to begin with. Know More Details on Masterclass for working professional

Use a Custom Resume and Cover Letter for Each Job Posting

Your CV is meant to be a complete repository of your professional achievements. While a resume might be similar, resumes should only show items that are relevant to a specific job application. Keeping your resume short and relevant will save the company’s HR team time and may increase the odds of your application being noticed. 

If you choose to include a cover letter, make sure that it is written specifically for the employer. While HR professionals may argue about the value of cover letters in the 21st century, a generic cover letter is more likely to hurt your application than help it.

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Do a Practice Run of Your Job Interview

Ask a close friend or family member to help you do a practice run of your job interview, with them playing the role of an interviewer. This will allow you to rehearse your answers to common interview questions and allow you to craft less generic responses. Doing a practice run may also help ease some pre-interview jitters, allowing you to appear more confident later on.

Ace Your Next Job Application

Landing a job involves plenty of human factors and a healthy amount of randomness, so even the most qualified applicants may get rejected. However, following the job application tips above is probably going to significantly help your odds. 

Of course, being qualified for the job is still the most important thing. Skills Future-funded courses and other learning initiatives are a good way to hone and expand your skill set and improve your employability in Singapore. By taking these short courses regularly, you can rest assured you’ll be on a few shortlists the next time you apply for a job. Know More Details on Career & Job Switch Guidance.


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