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                            MA – Master of Arts

The article will let you know about the certainly important things that one must know about Master of Arts, their details, admission procedure, courses, and eligibility.

 The Article covers the following topics :

=>Introduction to MA

=>Eligibility Criteria for MA courses

=>Required Qualities for MA

=>Process for getting admitted

=>Most desired Specialisations for MA

=>Job roles for MA Graduate

=>Frequently Asked Questions


Ma Master Of Arts (2) The full form of M.A. is Master of Arts. It is a Post Graduation course that takes two years to complete. It has four semesters overall. One can get a master’s degree after doing this. Students can be pursued a master’s degree after doing a bachelor’s. People who are admitted to this degree are generally taught about Humanities, Social Science, English Literature, and sometimes Law. The course requires a lot of theory thesis.

What are you supposed to study?

There are a lot of subjects you can choose to study when you venture into Master of Arts. The following are some examples: Philosophy, Sociology, History, Geography, Human resources, Social and Political Sciences, and Fine Arts. Picking a subject for a master’s degree could be a time-consuming task, but you should view it as an investment in your future. You have a lot of options of courses for MA that you can choose as your walk of life.

How is it taught?

Most of the Master’s program requires a lot of hard work, self-studying, and research. Master’s degree programs may be either coursework-based, research-based, or a combination of the two. You will be assessed on examinations, research, and occasionally group tasks.

Where can you study?

Ma Master Of Arts (3)In India, Delhi University (DU) is the most famous University where an MA aspirant considers studying. Delhi and Bangalore are considered the hub of MA education. However, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Pune also boast of some of the top master of Arts colleges. The most popular countries for studying MA are the UK, the US, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, France, and Switzerland.


=> MA is a specialized course in which students are offered complete knowledge of the discipline they have selected. The eligibility parameters for MA include:

=> A bachelor’s degree is needed for one before pursuing into master.

=> A minimum of 55% marks at graduation level.

=> Candidates pursuing a three-year degree program must clear all papers topics from 1st to 4th semester, while candidates pursuing a four-year degree program must have attained passing marks in all the topics from the first to the sixth semester.


Students pursuing in Master of Arts must be passionate and devoted to the subject of their choice. MA degree has more willpower than a BA degree because an individual is needed to conduct extensive research on the subject. Some of the skills that a candidate should have in order to pursue a MA degree are Goal-oriented, Teamwork, Problem-solving skills, good communication skills, time management, etc.


A brief related to the admission procedure is given below:

=>candidates who aim to enroll in MA program must qualify for an entrance exam.

=>An entrance exam result can grant direct admission to some colleges. However, some colleges use additional rounds of selection, such as group discussions and personal interviews, to choose candidates for admission.

=>Candidates must pass the institute’s exam in order to get selected for the next round, which will be determined by their marks/ranks.

=>Some of the Entrance Exams for MA are TISSNET(Tata Institute of Social Sciences National Entrance Test.), IPU CET(Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test.), PU CET(Panjab University Common Entrance Test), CUCET(Central Universities Common Entrance Test ), TUEE(Tezpur University Entrance Examination ), MGU CAT(Mahatma Gandhi University Common Admission Test ), AUCET(Andhra University Common Entrance Test ), ITM NEST(ITM National Entrance and Scholarship Test ), JNUEE(Jawaharlal Nehru University Entrance Examination ), CPGET(Common Post Graduate Entrance Tests ).



Ma Master Of Arts (5) MA English Language or MA English general course is a two-year post-graduate degree program that focuses on an in-depth study of different categories and the factors affecting literature in a particular era.


Master of Arts in Economics better known as MA Economics is a 2 years full-time PG degree program that prepares applicants to work in a field like Insurance, Banking, and computer applications. Students who receive a master in degree in economics are apt in the concepts of economic theories and their applications.


MA Psychology is a 2 year Post Graduate course that has 4 semesters. It is a study of human psychological behavior. It presents both a detailed and systematical analysis of psychology as a discipline. In this course, you will study various aspects of human psychology like crisis management, motivation, the nature of the mind, mental processes, etc.


MA Political Science is a 2 years Post Graduate course in India. The course provides desired knowledge of Indian and International politics. Students who wish to make their careers in governance and public management can pursue this course. It also has 4 semesters. It focuses on political doctrines, polity, law, philosophy, etc. It gives an in-depth knowledge of various political parties around the world.


Ma Master Of Arts (6)MA History is for the students who plan to make their careers and learn about Indian Civilisation. There are 4 semesters in this course and subjects include Ancient History, Feudalism, Capitalism, Medieval period, and Liberalism. It improves analytical skills and offers intellectual challenges. It is a study of past people, events, societies, their cultures of different nations. One can get a job in Government Sector after getting its degree.


MA Communication Studies is a Post Graduate course that let students enhance their skills in advanced research, writing, and presenting. It is also a 2-year Post Graduate degree. Courses such as strategy, organizational behavior, and information technology offer several areas of concentration depending on a student’s career interests. It deals with the advancement of technology and the development of business communication.


MA Archaeology is also a 2-year post-graduation program that has 2 semesters each year. It is conducted in various colleges in India. It let people understand how and why human behavior has changed over time. Candidates pursuing this degree will know about the ancient culture of Indian Cultures and Traditions. Candidates after completion of the degree can work as an archaeologist or as heritage management workers or teachers.


Ma Master Of Arts (4)MA Sociology is also a post-graduate program that tells you about a detailed study of society and differently related mechanisms. MA Sociology subjects include Religion and Society, Political Sociology, Economic Sociology, Sociology of Development, and Methods of Sociological Research. It explores in-depth the study of social groups, social institutions, and social processes. It takes two years to complete and the syllabus is divided into 4 semesters.


MA Religious Studies is a two years post-graduate program that let students analyze religious traditions and cultures, develop, and interact over time. Candidates after completing a degree in this course can work to solve religious problems or provide career counseling. There are a lot of opportunities and is for sure a great choice to do an MA in Religious Studies. There are a lot of colleges and institutes that offer the best in MA Religious Studies.


MA Language is a course that focuses on the study of various international languages all over the world. Aspirants who are dedicated in understanding and communicating with people all around choose this degree as their career. Students after completing the course are in a chance to earn greater pay. Students can easily register for the course of the institute of their choice by filling out the application form online through the website.


Ma Master Of Arts (7) MA Geography deals with earth sciences and exploring the whole world. In simple language, Geography is nature and relative arrangements of places and physical features. MA Geography subjects include Global Environment, Geological Maps, and Structure, Globalisations, Geopolitics, etc. Candidates after graduating can easily get a job as cartographers, tourism officers, or in any international job sector, etc.



One who has excellent skills in observing and communicating can pursue a career in law. After completing MA, you only need an additional law degree to become a lawyer. There is a great amount of earnings in this profile. As a Lawyer, one has to consult their clients for legal matters. A candidate who has a Bachelor of Law Degree is eligible for the profile.


As a MA Graduate, the Candidate can pursue a career in Digital Marketing as well. One can become a tech professional after entering the digital marketing sector. Digital Marketers promote their work or task through the internet and social media. They work with a group of specialists for promoting their content.


As a journalist, one has to research, write, and edit the articles and the contents. The main role is to gather information, write news pieces, and present news in an honest and balanced manner. You must have strong writing skills. The average salary pay is INR 3.2 lakh per annum.


Ma Master Of Arts (8)In this role, one has to solve the problems of their clients who have obstacles in their life related to depression, career, etc., and help them overcome their problems accordingly and make a good change in their lives.


After completing MA Degree, one can even pursue a career in teaching. The job of a teacher is to prepare lesson plans and educate students at all levels. Teachers must ensure that the classrooms are favorable to learning. Teachers are supposed to allocate homework, classwork, assignments, and tests accordingly.


Question 1 Can I do MA in psychology after having a degree of BA in history?

Answer: Students must have psychology as their subject in BA.

Question 2 What can be a role after doing MA in Political Science?

Answer: Being a MA graduate in Political Science, one can choose career options in reporting, social media, campaigning, and mass media.

Question 3 Can I Become a Teacher after doing MA in any course? 

Answer: No, one can become a teacher only after doing B.Ed. . The post-graduate course will only add up knowledge.

 Question 4 Do universities offer postgraduate courses in Linguistics?

Answer: Yes. Various universities offer MA in Linguistics. It is also of two-year duration.

Question 5 How can I get Admission for MA in any course?

Answer: For admission in any Master of Arts (MA) course, universities, and colleges conduct entrance exams. There are very few universities that offer admission based on marks secured in the qualifying examination.

Question 6 How is one Eligible for MA in Archaeology?

Answer: The candidate should have done their BA in Archaeology and should have secured a minimum of 55% aggregate marks.

Ending the article with a very famous quote by Steve Jobs ” The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

I hope you found this article helpful and got all the necessary information about MA. Please share it with your friends and family.

Ishika Bhandari relishes being a content writer. She is an enthusiastic logophile and is too devoted to her work. Currently, she is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration and is doing her graduation from IP University. She has loved writing since schooling. She is an eloquent writer and an endeavor to change the world.

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