Top Government job in India after graduation

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We all think government jobs in India are low-paid jobs. But it has many positive points to join government jobs in India. You know it gives you many benefits, pay on average twice as a private job. The government gives many benefits to their employers like job security, good health insurance, and retirement plan, and even steady raises. I think it’s much much better than a private job. Here is an article on Top 10 Government Job In India After Graduation .

There are lots of differences in the private sector and govt sector not only in pay but in benefits too. Private jobs do not have any fixed timing of jobs but in government jobs, they have fixed timings. In the private sector, the pay is higher as per higher position but in government jobs, they arranged in grades and steps or levels. Know more about our services for working professionals.

Civil Services

Civil services are the highest level job in India. They are responsible for implementing laws and executing policies made by the government. In other words, they are responsible for policy formulation. They help in preparing and drafting legislation.  The pay and civil service officer is about 80,000 to 85,000 per month. The respect and status with the services like IAS, IPS, IFS are unmatched with any other job. They form the steel frame of Indian management and have a greater voice in all the major conclusions taken by the government. It needs too much hard work and hustle to crack the exam. Civil services have too much competition nowadays. Know More Details on Job Hunt Tool Kit. Majorly categorized preferred posts in it are:

IAS Officers

Indian Administrative Services have handsome pay in India. It is majorly getting the highest pay in India and it has been the highest-paid from starting. The job pressure is also very high. Policy and rules implementation and administrative responsibilities are the daily jobs for an IAS officer.

IFS Officers

Indian Foreign services are mainly the brand ambassadors of the nation in foreign countries.  It includes traveling and meetings with the foreign delegates whereas it also includes a handsome salary.

Indian Police Services Or IPS Officers

They are also the real heroes of the nation. The job includes maintenance of law and order in the country which is highly respective. IPS officers also get paid well and also equivalent to an IAS officer.

2. Indian Railways

Indian railways are also the highest and the largest department of govt of India. It is the best opportunity after graduates for nontechnical work. It gives major facilities and also provides Allowances, facilities and growth prospects are at perk. Know more about CAREER & JOB SWITCH GUIDANCE .

3. Public Sector Unit

It is the job in public sector units like BHEL, ONGC, Coal India, IOCL, HPCL, etc. It is also a very good career option for students after graduation. They provide their employees with many benefits. They pay very well and the work pressure is not too much as it is manageable. PSU recruitment is on a large scale every year through various competitive exams. Jobs are available for candidates with various eligibility criteria. The best part of working in PSU is to get fixed duty hours and the workplace offers security. for graduates, the pay is around 24,00 to 50,00.

4. Government Lecturer Or Professors

Teaching is the best part to get into government jobs in India. It has very good pay and it includes many holidays to enjoy. Its is mainly helps in inspiring the young youth of the nation. Professor does not have any work pressure but they have time to fun with the young generation. The government launches various exams for govt teaching such as NET etc. Know more about our services for career clarity.

5. Scientist

Scientist are the root of country helps in the development and they help in the betterment of the nation and for the people. DRDO, ISRO are some of the reputable institutions which are run by government scientists. The salary of a government scientist is equal but mainly better than the private sector. They get many benefits like individual houses for accommodation, medical insurance, etc. The work pressure is high and it is a very demanding job.

Defence Services

Defense services are like army, navy, coastal guard services. These services are also very helpful as they are also giving good pay to graduate students. They provide many benefits like accommodation, medical services, etc. Being in this service the person becomes self-disciplined and responsible for his work naturally.

Bank PO

Banks’ job is the best jobs as they are very beneficial. The workload and salary are also proportional. There are very highly reputed banks such as State Bank Of India, Reserve Bank Of India, Bank of Broad, etc which hire many graduate students every year and it is the most preferred by the students as it has many benefits included in it. Bank jobs include a very comfortable workspace, and they are easy to fit in them. Know more about communication at workplace.

RBI Grade B

The Reserve bank of India is the most powerful institution in India and everyone has a dream to get a job in RBI. It is mainly the best option if the student does not want to go to the private sector. It has given various benefits like accommodation, medical, various funds, loans, and many more. They give a handsome salary. They also have some eligibility criteria for recruitment. It has an age limit of 21 to 30 years.

Insurance AAO

The AAO is Assistant Administrative Officer is also a very prestigious and responsible job in the private sector. It is an entry-level job. It also includes various other popular jobs like Administration AAO, development AAo, Accounts AAO. AAP has various responsibilities and has good pay and it has some workload.

10 Government Doctors

Government doctors in government hospitals are also very respectable. The institution like AIIMS in Delhi is a very well-known govt institute. Many students want to study in these institutes to get good knowledge. nowadays it is a very demanding job for graduates. The pay is also good. But they some times have night duties and sometimes they have to go to rural areas to sever poor people.


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