IAS Career: Different Career Paths in IAS

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IAS Career IAS represents Indian Administrative Services in India. It is perceived as the most renowned or famous calling which is further, joined by extraordinary financial assets. This vocation choice typifies a huge number of advantages and advantages as opposed to various fields. As an IAS working proficient, an individual gets at risk to outline rules and proposing clergymen on assorted issues.

Furthermore, IAS profile needs to keep up lawfulness, they need to invigilate the execution of arrangements in various states Government and Focal Government. Last however not least, these specialists are liable for gathering the created income and go about as a court concerning income issues. IAS needs to keep track of the expenditures of public assets according to the standards implemented by the monetary properties.

Thus, in straightforward terms, IAS officials need to care for various assignments in their consistent life.IAS Career  From setting standards to administer the subsidizing and outlining rules after leading gatherings with state governments. These are the various jobs that are played by the IAS.

In reality, the IAS officer position itself is a very broad field because it encompasses miscellaneous career opportunities with a variety of choices to select from. In the current scenario, IAS officers can indulge themselves in different industries because of their versatility and job prospects. After becoming an IAS officer, an individual can also become Personal Secretary of the Central Government which is a great deal.

Also, the subject can work in different independent or autonomous organizations after getting appointed by them. Subordinate organizations like PSU, United Nations Organization, International Organization, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Asian Development Bank, and many more have lots of job openings.

These organizations also provide deputation vacancies to IAS officers for getting hired at the international level. Qualified IAS officers can also work as working professionals in the WTO, Commonwealth, SAARC (South East Asia Association for Regional Cooperation), International Court of Justice, or in other multilateral organizations.

Different Types of Professions for IAS officers

The occupation of an IAS officer is desirable widely in India. Aspirants are curious and interested in becoming IAS officers. So, now the time has come to get a glimpse of different job profiles.

1) Sub Divisional Officer- Sub-divisional working professionals are liable to work in charge to keep track of numerous development happenings going on in sub-division. They have to look and coordinate the allocated duties or work with different departments to meet coveted results.

2) Divisional Commissioner- The Divisional Commissioner profile has to deal and coordinate with all the interconnected activities which are directly or indirectly linked with the general Administration. Also, they have to synchronize with general administration to maintain law and order policies, revenue management, and development supervision at the distinct levels.

The Divisional Commissioner has to lead and run the revenue department in his allocated division. Secondly, they have to listen to pleas, demand, and requests against the enforced orders of district collectors. They look after and coordinate with diverse departments in the area of public administration in his or her division.

3) District Magistrate/District Collector- This occupation of district magistrate or district collector has the role of running the smooth district administration with ease. Also, they have to handle things appropriately. The working professionals from this IAS department are responsible for incorporating required coordination with other officials and organizations which are situated within their district. As a collector, they are responsible to collect the generated amount of revenue from their district.

4) Chief Secretary- The Chief Secretary checks whether inter-departmental are coordinating or not with each other. An individual who is chairman of the coordination committees which are set up, they have to understand the case and then tackle the inter-departmental conflicts. Last but not the least, they have to provide recommendations to secretaries on inter-departmental complexities.

5) Cabinet Secretary- Cabinet Secretary occupation is recognized as the central government coordinator. These working professionals bridge the gap between the political system and the civil services of the nation. The main duty of the Cabinet Secretary is to supervise, assess or evaluate and coordinate all the activities which are taking place in the different departments and ministries of India.

6) Indian Foreign Service- They are associated with the external and foreign affairs ministry. These working professionals are liable for framing and implementing the different foreign policies or rules and regulations. They maintain and handle the different Indian embassies at the international level. Last but not the least, they are having a duty to promote the smooth functioning of administrative sectors which can promote the proper functioning and dissemination of information.

So, this was all about the different IAS job profiles and their roles and responsibilities which an individual can pursue or opt for after successfully clearing the IAS entrance examination in India.

-Hruditya Kumar

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