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Hello, thanks for writing to us counsellors. Having interest in Biology alone will not help you [to lead a career in science stream][1]. Biology too includes Chemistry and you will realise this later when you go into degree level. For example, when you study body reactions, you will have to study more on chemistry, bio chemistry and bio-organic chemistry. So discarding chemistry will not help you to get into a Science career in future. Even for Biology sake, if you choose to study Nutrition and Dietics course at BA/ BSc level, it does bring in some amount of chemistry into this degree. So I wo

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My dear Student, It is a fact that no study goes waste.Education has no limit and no age bar.You should not go against your interest.You should take Science subjects.I happy to note that you have a goal to fulfill your interest.After completion of  graduation in any stream you should appear for competitive exam and take admission in Law College in Pvt.or in Govt.College under University.You will be on track and do well with all sincerity.Also interact with students,faculty of Law College,advocates to get best of guidance and advice. Best wishes. 

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Dear Mohit, Thanks for writing to! I am sure that responses from other career experts have been helpful to you. I am sharing my perspective on your query that may be helpful for taking informed decision. To be straight  forward, I am providing you the immediate career path and key information about marine biology. 1. Career Path Eligibility to become a Marine Biologist is Bachelor of Science. However, most preferred is a Masters degree in Marine biology. For research and university teaching positions, PhD in Marine biology is required. After 10, you need to take PCB or P

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hello After 10th the courses available in any stream are not so good.If you complete 12th and then look for courses is a good idea. Click here --> Take Stream Suggestor to Know Right Streams But you can go for various olympiads and scholarship exams that will help you in your further education. For example if you are a single girl child then you can go for UDAAN Scholarship that is conducted by CBSE which helps girl students with there Engineering education. If you want to move outside India for education you can go and prepare for Scholastic Aptitude Test, IELTS and TOEFL.You can also give

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what is the minimum age for 10th class ?   As per the guidlines of central board of secondary education (CBSE) the minimum age to appear in the 10th board exam is 14 years , as of 31st december of the year of examination . However , there is no upper limit of age to appear in the exam. But there is a maximum number of attempts to appear in the examination. A candidate can at most attempt 3 times for the CBSE board exam Various states boards have a different rules about it Class 10th  It is the class where the student gives his first board exam and get experince ,

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Dear Aspirant, Choosing a subject should always depend on your capability, skills acquired and acumen. If one chooses on the basis of these aspects, then I am sure that you can be successful. 10th standard level is an important level and [choosing the right stream is important][1] and critical. Choosing a stream should primarily be dependent on the subjects you like the most in your 10th std. To be best sure of what suits you for your career, I would suggest you to undergo a [Psychometric Career Assessment][2] test from CareerGuide which will help you understand yourself in respect of your

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Hello Shaheer..!! After 12th Science, most of the students choose to go for the NEET exam to get a degree in MBBS or BDS to become a Doctor or a Dentist. But apart from being a Doctor or Dentist, there are lots of other opportunities are also there for those who are not interested in these job profiles. There are plenty of other options for you, which are as follow: Nursing Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Life Science Researcher Teaching Social Worker Anthropologist Clinical Researcher Pharmacy Food Science/Technology Nutritionist Medical Laboratory Worker and many more..!!! You can choose wh

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Hello, there fella..!! The Opportunities after your 12th in PCB are vast. You can shape your career as a Doctore or Dentist by going for NEET. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is one of the major exams in India for all the aspirants who are looking for a career as a Doctor or Dentist. For Doctor, aspirants go for the course of MBBS while for being a Dentist, the aspirants go for the BDS course in the medical colleges they get after clearing NEET. But NEET Result can't be good for all the aspirants. As the number of seats are very limited in NEET, many students lose their opportunity

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Hi There, I like your enthusiasm and your spirit. Since you have mentioned, you would put in the right efforts and maintain hardwork, then my question is why are you avoiding Physics and chemistry. Doing a B.Sc Computer science or IT, is good, whereby Math would be one of the main subject, as computers is mainly into algorithms and mind you its going to be hardcore Math. Here my suggestion would be, when you are looking pout for government jobs, computers especially IT or software, it is more popular amongst the private groups or companies. In terms of government jobs, I would highly rec

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There are numerous fields in biology that go beyond being a doctor. Here are some examples: cuphead online   Research Scientist: Conducts scientific investigations to explore various aspects of biology, such as genetics, microbiology, ecology, or molecular biology. Research scientists work in laboratories, universities, or research institutions.   Biotechnologist: Applies biological knowledge and techniques to develop products or processes that benefit society. This field involves areas such as genetic engineering, pharmaceutical development, and industrial biotechnology.  

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Thanks Shrikant for your query. Yes you can pursue psychology. You have two options, if you have very good score in science then you can opt for Medical Eductaion (MBBS) and then do MD in Psychiatry.Ofcourse this has financial implications and competition. For opting psychology, you need to get into [BA in Psychology,][1] then eneter into [masters program (MA or MSc) in psychology.][2] TO become a practicing clinical psychologist you need to do MPhil in [Clinical Psychology][3].In North India, follwoing colleges/University offer UG/PG course in Psychology. University of DelhiJNU, DelhiAmity

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