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India manufactures more than 70,000 chemicals and is the 12th largest producer of chemicals in the world. India’s Chemical industry is estimated to be around Rs. 1, 60,000 crores ($35 billion).

Hello, thanks for writing to us counsellors. Having interest in Biology alone will not help you [to lead a career in science stream][1]. Biology too includes Chemistry and you will realise this later when you go into degree level. For example, when you study body reactions, you will have to study more on chemistry, bio chemistry and bio-organic chemistry. So discarding chemistry will not help you to get into a Science career in future. Even for Biology sake, if you choose to study Nutrition and Dietics course at BA/ BSc level, it does bring in some amount of chemistry into this degree. So I wo

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My dear Student, It is a fact that no study goes waste.Education has no limit and no age bar.You should not go against your interest.You should take Science subjects.I happy to note that you have a goal to fulfill your interest.After completion of  graduation in any stream you should appear for competitive exam and take admission in Law College in Pvt.or in Govt.College under University.You will be on track and do well with all sincerity.Also interact with students,faculty of Law College,advocates to get best of guidance and advice. Best wishes. 

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Dear Mohit, Thanks for writing to! I am sure that responses from other career experts have been helpful to you. I am sharing my perspective on your query that may be helpful for taking informed decision. To be straight  forward, I am providing you the immediate career path and key information about marine biology. 1. Career Path Eligibility to become a Marine Biologist is Bachelor of Science. However, most preferred is a Masters degree in Marine biology. For research and university teaching positions, PhD in Marine biology is required. After 10, you need to take PCB or P

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hello After 10th the courses available in any stream are not so good.If you complete 12th and then look for courses is a good idea. Click here --> Take Stream Suggestor to Know Right Streams But you can go for various olympiads and scholarship exams that will help you in your further education. For example if you are a single girl child then you can go for UDAAN Scholarship that is conducted by CBSE which helps girl students with there Engineering education. If you want to move outside India for education you can go and prepare for Scholastic Aptitude Test, IELTS and TOEFL.You can also give

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Dear Aspirant, Choosing a subject should always depend on your capability, skills acquired and acumen. If one chooses on the basis of these aspects, then I am sure that you can be successful. 10th standard level is an important level and [choosing the right stream is important][1] and critical. Choosing a stream should primarily be dependent on the subjects you like the most in your 10th std. To be best sure of what suits you for your career, I would suggest you to undergo a [Psychometric Career Assessment][2] test from CareerGuide which will help you understand yourself in respect of your

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Dear Siddhi,India manufactures more than 70,000 chemicals and is the 12th largest producer of chemicals in the world. India’s Chemical industry is estimated to be around Rs. 1, 60,000 crores ($35 billion). Please have a look at some popular career option under Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals industry :Chemical TechnicianEquipment OperatorIndustrial Chemical Manufacturing Attendantlab AttendantManufacturing AssistantChemical and Pharmaceutical OperatorsProcess attendant-Chemical PlantsProduction and QC Technician

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Dear friend, thank you for your question. Here you have not mentioned your academic qualifications and what you are doing at present. These things help us to understand you better and we can answer you in best way. As you have mentioned that you wish to become chemical technician without doing any engineering. Let me first tell you something about chemical technician, the chemical technician job is to conduct chemical laboratory test, arrange chemicals in laboratory, looking after the instruments  in order to assist scientists or research personals for research work involving experimental

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Dear Friend,Greetings of the day!!As your have done your specialization and you would be pursuing your career in the desired manner, considering an MBA would be a very good option, the multiple benefit for doing an MBA some of them areDiversify : An MBA would help you to diversify your career it open lot of options in your career. A degree in your non specialization field would give you knowledge about the things which you could not have known otherwise.Skills : A MBA degree would provide you with lot of skills which would be considered necessary once you grow in your current role, MBA deals w

Hi You can go to B.Sc. (Medical Lab. Technology) after your 12th class. Eligibility for B.Sc. (Medical Lab. Technology) in most of the top universities is pass with 60% aggregate marks in 10+2 (with English, Chemistry and Maths or Biology or Biotechnology) OR 2 yrs. Diploma in MLT after 10th. This includes skills to practice as laboratory professionals in health administration and management. The students turn out ready for careers in the diagnostics labs, academics and may set up their own diagnostic labs. For having wast and complete knowledge in your field, you must go to the

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Dear friend, thank you very much for your question. Here you have not mentioned your academic qualifications and what you are doing at present. As per your question, the career options for chemicals (chemistry and chemical sciences) and pharmaceuticals are huge. The job opportunities depends upon many factors, which includes, the academic qualifications Number of years of experience in relevant field or subject Additional qualifications (specially in case of academic job opportunities) Specialization in the subject Place of work (whether it is governmental sector or private organization)Let m

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Seems a little tough need to do a proper study of requirements of different institutes.... metro cities are not the best for it... however if you want it specifically in a metro...the going gets tough

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There is a very good scope of chemist in Oil exploration & production company, all the major giants like Shell, schlumberger has its operations throughout the world, and they also pay very heavily. The work environment is very rough and needs extensive labour. To get a job in these companies you will need to put in extra effort as number of positions are less compared to applications.

Dear Malarvizhi,Pharmaceutical Technology is a procurement and reference resource providing a one-stop-shop for professionals and decision makers within the global pharmaceutical and biochemistry industry.Pharmaceutical industries usually employ pharmacy graduates and post graduates for most of the operations. The various activities include manufacturing, quality control (including quality assurance), and distribution (marketing). The expertise required to perform all these activities are usually the course programme of Pharmaceutical Sciences or Pharmaceutical Technology. The available caree

Hello Dimple, Chemical science is an unique field which is in demand now a days due to large number of requirement for jobs and less number of applicants in this subject.  To make a career in chemical or pharmaceutical, minimum graduation degree is required. after graduation degree you will be eligible to apply fr various job opportunities as following: Analytical Chemist Chemical Engineer Chemistry Teacher Forensic Scientist Geo-chemist Hazardous Waste Chemist Materials Scientist Pharmacologist R&D Scientist Quality Control Associate Formulation Development (F&D) Associate Drug

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Dear friend, many thanks for your question, here you have not mentioned your academic qualifications and what you are doing at present. In fact the manufacturing assistant is a person who works in manufacturing industries or factories. It could be a food, feed, dairy, beverages, materials, or any other industry which are involve in manufacturing of any product. Basically the manufacturing assistant are entry level positions in industry and the basic qualifications generally are diploma or short time training courses related to the subject. For manufacturing assistant there are other designatio

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