Dear Aspirant, I feel, you have posted a wrong question in the wrong forum. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, Journalism would be a too big course if you just want to get into SEO. I would not recommend Journalism. You can think of SEO courses, content writing courses, web designing courses. Best wishes

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Hi There, Firstly before I write anything, it would be best and ideal for you to begin working. Secondly, without hunting for another job, please do not quit your job. Since the job markets are looking out for more off less trained people, who are open to learning, which becomes difficult once you acquire degrees and work experience. A job in hand, helps you demand from companies where you apply. Right now, if you are looking out for an HR job, search well, and get into a basic start profile, whether SAP is implemented or not, or you are working in that module or not. There are lot of HR ou

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Search engine optimization is a newly developing dynamic branch of software technology. It deals with optimizing a web page so that it will rank higher in the search results of Google, Yahoo or any other search engine. Intentional optimization of search engines started way back in mid-nineties when engineers tried to manipulate search results of their web page with the help of some random techniques. Search results are dependent upon complex computerized algorithms which take into consideration various factors to rank a page. Google has released various updates to search engines which are know

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Dear Aspirant, Digital Marketing basically means marketing of goods and services digitally. Therefore it is pertinent to have knowledge of 'Marketing' as a technique and tool. Careers in Digital Marketing basically involves more of SEO. There are courses available in Digital Marketing but not from any University. The courses are offered by private institutes and centres. Digital Marketing has become the need of the times and every company whether small or large, spends a certain amount in digital marketing, since it helps them to reduce their costs on print marketing (which are high). Dig

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Hello There, Dr Anand has very clearly mentioned the role and importance of SEO as a career Please note that an SEO is basically the PR of the company but on the virtual medium. It is your sole duty to portray the organization before the audience. As far as a career being good for you, please note that if and only if you are interested and have a liking towards what you do, you are best suited for the job. As SEO role involves being highly creative and innovative, you would have to be on toes at all the moment. You cannot be bored with your job. At the same time to be successful in this jo

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