I am sure the picture above explains your question.   This is a digital world. We are completely a techno savvy people. So before we invest or buy products we first make a complete search of it online and tread reviews about it, and hen decide.   So is mainly advertising your product online and reaching to the masses. right from web banners, ad campaigns, mobile Applications, blog posts etc are forms of Digital marketing. It is quite cost effective, flexible, instant response, faster mode of reaching, and majorly convenient.   Digital marketing includes: Social Media C

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@nikhilappu30 Please reply of this question

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Hi Pallavi, These are some roles which is performed by a Digital Marketing professional in an organization. Plan and execute all SEO, Email, SMS, social media marketing. Design and maintain social media presence. Maintain online reputation. Create new growth strategies. Evaluate end to end customer experience across multiple channels and analyse them. Help organization to collaborate with other agencies. Hope this will help.. Regards Rajat

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Well, We currently are living in the digital world where the people world over are interconnected virtually by social media through the internet. This presents the seamless opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and to get the benefit of the same. The businesses can’t afford to ignore digital marketing otherwise, the extinction is obvious due to getting off the competition.     How Digital Marketing helps the businesses Would like to reach the targeted audience/customers in real time? Yes, everybody would like to. Then the Digital Marketing is very much r

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Hi Nilesh, Till now even I did not know this fact unless and until you posted it here that we do not need actual marketing knowledge when it comes to online marketing. I do agree with the counselor above, that SEO is technical, whereas Marketing is not. Thus interviewers find you to be over qualified, i.e, the MBA degree or under qualified, i.e, your knowledge regarding online marketing process. Here I would request you, if you are planning for jobs in Digital marketing, enhance your knowledge regarding software and animation, coral draw etc. Online marketing is communicating with the cli