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A Geologist or a geological scientist is a scientist who studies the solid and liquid matter that has majorly constituted the Earth and also its various processes and history which has shaped it. Geologists usually engage in studying geology. Geology is the study of earth of what it is made and its history. Compared to other scientist geologist are pretty much interesting, because they have to research on rocks and fossils so they stay outdoors rather than staying in laboratories. They use tools as pickaxes, glasses, gloves, magnifying glasses. They also involve in mining and makes use of mining tools. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Geologist answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Geologist

Someone who's interested and concerned with Earth's natural resources may want to look into a career as a geologist. Geologists study the Earth to gain an understanding of how it was formed and the structural changes currently happening. Bachelor degrees in the discipline are common, but master's and doctorate degrees are also available. Though some private companies only require a bachelor's degree, more specialized positions usually require a master's or doctorate degree.  Bachelor's Degree Program in Geology Students preparing for a career as a geologist may enroll in a bachelor's degr

Watch the video below to understand the day to day activities that a Geologist gets involved in:We can summarize the daily routine and tasks of a Geologist as below:You will have to go outdoors and look for sample real rocks. The job requires frequent visits to the fields and is not just confined to the laboratories and office space.One you are on the field, you can make different observations and based on that you can choose the samples.You will also have to collect sample data and make a note of them.Coming back to the laboratory, you will spend more time in researching the samples and study

Geologists apply their knowledge and skills to locate ground water, oil minerals and other natural resources. They play avital role in the study, preservation and leaning up of the environment. There are various kinds of geologists and depending on their field of specialization, their job responsibilities differ. The various job roles which one can get after completion of their studies are mineralogist, petroleum geologist, mining geologist, hydrogeologist, engineeting gelogists, economic geologist, marine geologists, planetary geologist etc. Job opportunities for geologists are available

Dear friend, the subject [geology][1] is a job oriented subject and it has lot of job opportunities in India and abroad. The geology is a subject that is related to the earths internal structures, chemical and physical processes and the materials and biological aspects of the earth. Let me first tell you [job opportunities in India as Geologist][2]. Depending upon the specialization offered in geology there are lot of scopes. The specialized subjects are: Economic geology, geochemistry, geomorphology, geophysics, hydrogeology, mineralogy, ocenography, palentology, petroleum geology, petrol

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Geologist studies the earth's composition , mainly the diffrent kinds of rock formations. There are various kinds of geologists. Depending on their arae of specialization, their job roles differs.Enviromental Geologist - work in the areas of pollution control, urban management and waste management.Petroleum Geologist - are involved in the exploration of oil and natural gas resources and are usually employed as petroleum consultant for drilling companies and oil industry service providers.Hydrogeologist are mainly involved in studying about abundance, distribution , quality of ground water