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An Astronomer is a scientist who is involved in the study of science of space, stars, moon, solar system, galaxy and comets. The astronomy is the study of universe and other celestial objects. An astronomer can also be called as a physicist who is engaged in the study of astronomy. An astronomer is basically a Physicist who is interested in researching the world beyond the plane t Earth. The number of astronomers by profession are comparatively low when seen with other professions Find frequently asked questions on career related to Astronomer answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Astronomer

You both should choose astrophysics... 

Below is the summary of an Astronomer's typical workday:Working in offices: A large part of their day is spent in the offices. While in office, they take care of the administrative activities, do tehir research, gather and analyse the data, and do the testing of the theories. They get a chance to work on various scientific instruments in order to study and examine the theories. Travelling: An astronomer will get a chance to travel a lot from  seminars to the conferences.  Often times Astronomers are invited to give individual talks at other institutions. The scientists meeti

Dear FriendAstronomy is the applied phycis and mathematics which require core physics at fundamental level. Aiming such brillient profession is always charm oneself, family and friends so must discuss the requirement at academic level. Just see the curricular structure and find the modules and analyse them whether they look interesting in genuine ground or not. After doing so things will be clear at your fundamental level, and also will reveal the superficial interest due to the social references which seems to be redundant at juvenile stage and consequently students commit mistake, this is al

Dear Aspirant, You are too much out of the world. I am sad to know that you do not have the basic information about the courses and their eligibility. BA in Maths is not sufficient to get into Astronomy which is a very high end career where you need to have extra ordinary command over Maths and Physics. With BA in Maths (actually you should have done BSc Maths) you can career opportunities in Business Analysis, Actuarial Science, etc.  I suggest you to look for career based on maths in finance, banking, insurance, teaching, etc. Best wishes

If you wish to do a PG in Astronomy, then I am sure you are either a Graduate in Physics or metaphysics or [Astronomy engineering][1] or geophysics.[As an Agronomists][2], you mainly would be involved in Research of the solar system,planetary movements,movements of meteors and a research of life on other planets etc. As such it is a complete research work, not just gazing at stars and the galaxy. Certain amount of permutations and computations needs to be done. So an interests in Math is a must. Also as such knowledge related to computers is also a necessity.Apart from this please note that i

Hello friend, Astrophysicist are scientists that study the physical components of celestial objects. They study the physics of the universe as well as the interaction between the various objects which occupy it. Astrophysicist can either study the theoretical aspects of space or apply their fundamental knowledge of physics to explore various occurrences in space such as dark matter, black holes, stellar evolution, super clusters and neutron stars. If you want to become an astrophysicist you need to determine if this career path is a good fit for you. If the following description sounds l