Hi, It’s a good query and I would like to discuss the topic for under various head regarding Admission Process, Top Universities in Germany, Fee Structure and other expenditure, Life in Germany for Students, and the benefits of the education from German Universities, etc.   Take here: - Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test to find the right career options Dear aspirant, it’s well known that Germany is all famous about its Automobile Technology and the allied industry where no doubts the Germans are topping and dominating the field. Mercedes-Benz, Volks-Wagon,

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There is no point going to a low level university just for the sake of it. Instead you should explore options of doing a foundation year which is specifically for students who don't meet the entry requirements of 1st year entry. This would mean that you will do an extra year and if you score a passing grade then you shall move onto 1st year and complete your under-graduation. 

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