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After 12th what is the possible career options for future reference in mba? shall I opt bba or bsc for mba?

i am 12th pcbcs student seeking for a good career in mba in future so what shall i do for mba branch in future....shall i opt bba or bsc plzzzz help me

by Sachin Deb
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3 answers

RE: After 12th what is the possible career options for future reference in mba? shall I opt bba or bsc for mba?

Deepak Rana
Deepak Rana
Verified Career Expert
Author: Sky Beyond the Clouds
  • Kangra

Please do not consider MBA as a technical degree, but a leadership building curriculum designed to create the managers and leaders. If you are looking for an MBA straight away, you will miss the opportunity to build your technical expertise or core competency during your graduation. Try to understand the concept of MBA. It is designed for those who have excelled in a field or have scored exceptionally well in their academics so that they know enough about that field, in order to develop the leadership potential in them we have MBA degree. Directly chasing MBA after 12th will halt your graduation

You must have seen that people from almost all backgrounds go in to MBA. It's not that if you do BBA or BSc then you will have an advantage. You will not. The whole idea of an MBA is to bring the diversity in a batch. Do not consider it like other Master courses. Like MSc for BSc students and MTech for Btech students. It doesn't work that way in MBA. Here students from different backgrounds can pursue it. And the more diversity you bring in, more chances are there of getting in to a business school. That is the reason why so many Business Schools abroad and also in India value quality work experience and prefer experienced professionals rather than freshers.

Coming to the opportunities, yes you have plenty of opportunities after doing MBA. You can go in to finance, marketing, human resource etc. At this point of time you do not have to worry about that. Focus on the competency that you want to build. For example, if you want to study science then go for BSc, if you want to study Business, study BBA, and so on. Do not pressurize yourself with the idea of MBA at this point of time. That part will come later, once you have built expertise in your field.

RE: After 12th what is the possible career options for future reference in mba? shall I opt bba or bsc for mba?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

It is appreciating to see you interested in MBA, and are already in plans that you definitely want to do an MBA in future. But i also want to make you assure that you are purely interested in studying business and management and are not doing this course because it is the most pricy tag that any people or companies prefer. There are many courses that give excellent jobs similar to an MBA professional degree like the CA, CS, CFA, PhD, MCA,MTech, MA, MSc, MArch. Apart from a basic graduation, a post graduation or a chartered position or even a doctorate position is highly impressive for companies and recruiters eyes. So please do not assume that only an MBA degree can give high paying jobs and not other degrees can actually do.

Actually if you are very much interested in studying an MBA, then please ensure that if this is definitely suitable for you. To double check this suitability, i advice you to go on this website and attend the psychometric self assessment test. Taking the test it will tell you whether you are really suitable to studying this degree. The reason i tell you because MBA is a non technical degree and is completely management and business based. Going in this line, you should never regret in life that you did not study a technical aspect subject. If you are sure if this is what you want then taking the right course at bachelors level is highly essential. There are actually two courses that can direct you very easily to an MBA degree in future. Studying these courses will also help you manage your MBA studies well and also get high markes in MBA as most of the subjects from your future MBA will be alraedy covered in your under graduate syllabus. Therefore i recommend you to study either BCom with business or the BBA - Bcahelor of business administration. Both these courses are business allied subjects and offers excellent business and management oriented jobs right after completing the course. You can work as business analyst, management trainee, hr trainee, marketing trainee and so on and afterwards once you accumulate few years of work experience you are eligible to do an MBA

RE: After 12th what is the possible career options for future reference in mba? shall I opt bba or bsc for mba?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Business Analyst

Good to hear that you want to do an MBA in future, but I want to ask you why do you want to do an MBA in future? Do you know what an MBA stands for and what are the subjects you may will study in this MBA in future? Does these subject modules really interest you and therefore you want to do an MBA in future? Lots of students in my known circle, do an MBA for the sake of prestige but actually not really many of them pursue or utilise this degree. In this case, investing in an MBA for name sake, because everybody is doing it is of no use. Therefore I advice you to double check if you really want to study an MBA in future. Every subject has its potential and it depends how far we individuals develop ourselves with our career with the subject we studied. To check if you will be a suitable candidate in studying an MBA in future, please take the psychometric assessment from this website. This test will help you understand if your strengths and interests match the skills required to study an MBA in future. If the test recommends you as an ideal person for an MBA, then you are definitely free to study an MBA.

Of the two subjects you have mentioned BBA and BSC, I shall brief on each today. Being honest, you can actually study any degree in any subject as your first degree to study an MBA in future. However, if you are purely interested in studying only about Business, then studying a BBA is the right choice. This business oriented BBA degree will also add more strength to your MBA degree in future. Most of the subjects that you will study in an BBA will be repeated in an MBA degree syllabus as well. So as you will have studied most of the syllabus already you might wont feel much pressure when studying an MBA in future. As part of the BBA, you will often study Human resource management, Marketing management, Accounting, Finance, Supply chain management, Operations management and many more. You will have in-depth knowledge in each of these subjects when you study them at the bachelors level. However if you study them at MBA, you will mostly cover the important aspects of the degree. So to have sound knowledge is considerable and therefore a BBA degree is highly advisable.

If you have plans to choose a BSc then it also requires on what subject you want to study. But if you have a genuine interest for Business, then BBA is right than the BSc degree for you. So confidently choose the BBA itself. Good luck.

RE: After 12th what is the possible career options for future reference in mba? shall I opt bba or bsc for mba?

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