All you need to know about the cloud computing and the scope for growth in the profession.

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RE: All you need to know about the cloud computing and the scope for growth in the profession.

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This one is a new topic or the area of career for many and really the Cloud Computing concept is altogether new which has risen on the horizon quite recently. Let us talk about the Cloud Computing and what actually it means along with a brief about the growth in the said profession.


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In the modern era of digital technology used in smartphones, tablets, laptops, iPad etc. cloud computing is becoming a general term for various hosting services throughout the internet. It is going to become a shared computer resource to act as a server, a storage box, database holder, networking tool, software and analytical purposes just like a virtual machine. As electricity is for home, in the same way, cloud computing is for gadgets. Various companies offer cloud computing services on a paid basis depending upon the usage. These companies are known as cloud providers.

Uses of cloud computing:

In the contemporary era, one needs experts to use a variety of hardware and software files to run properly. Various employees were hired to work as a team to install, test, run, configure, secure and update all files. Cloud computing makes it easier in many ways:

  • If one wants to create new apps to provide better services, cloud computing is the easiest way to go with.
  • It also helps one to store, backup and restore his precious data files easily and securely.
  • One can easily go for various web hosting services on a single platform for their websites or blogs.
  • It’s gonna easy to stream one’s private and professional audio and video files using cloud computing.
  • It has become easier to deliver your projects to your clients on demand. It makes it easy to get rid of the time-killing process of uploading various zip files from one server to the other.
  • If one has to analyze big data patterns and want to make predictions for various IT services, cloud computing is the perfect fit for them.

Various cloud computing services:

The cloud providers offer three types of cloud computing services. It is also known as cloud computing stack,  which means one above the other in a strategic manner. Different cloud computing services have a different impact on various businesses. Let’s discuss all three of them:

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service): Iaas is about servers and storage to get access online. It acts as a utility computing process. It helps users to migrate all workload needs to a virtual machine. It’s a pay-as-you-go service which one can buy as per his needs. All the web hosting services which we are using in our day to day life are the examples of this service. One has to pay for the monthly subscription depending upon the usage as per-megabyte/gigabyte fee. One can access all files from their services for their own websites.


  • SaaS (Software as a Service): It is a type of distribution model which helps to distribute web services through the internet. Users who have the internet on their gadgets can easily access all the services of SaaS application to them. Various e-mail, Google document, Zoho all are the examples of this service.


  • PaaS (Platform as a Service): These type of services provide various host development tools so that users can use them on their own software and hardware applications. One can develop his own e-commerce website including shopping cart, checkout and payment method using PaaS Services. App Cloud, Google App engine, AWS are some of the common examples of PaaS 

Types of cloud Deployment methods:

Cloud computing offers three types of cloud deployment resources to their users. These are: Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud.

  1. Public Clouds:  As the name suggests, it provides services for public use. It works as a third-party cloud service provider through the internet. All the computing resources such as servers and storage related to hardware and software are owned and operated by this third The service provider offers this service to his users so that communication can’t be affected by the non-trusted networks. One can easily access all the services using a web browser. Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are the examples of public clouds.


  1. Private cloud: This is operated individually for an organization or a business. It can be managed internally or by third-party and can be hosted in both ways. It helps to improve business and helps to solve security based issues. The main role of this service is to assess various business services on a private basis.


  1. Hybrid cloud: This service is the combination of the above two services. It helps users to share their services and application among themselves privately or with the public as well. It acts as a boundary for all the users. It provides greater flexibility and more deployment options to a business.

Emerging professions:

Cloud computing is new in the market. Most of the users are not aware of this. Along with the evolution of this technology, various companies hire CTO(Chief Technical Officer) for business purposes. The role of the CTO is to provide finance and accounting SaaS. In the upcoming years, more and more industries are getting connected with cloud computing services to improve their quality services. Cloud Computing is mainly used to reduce cost, downtime and to provide infrastructure deployment to the users automatically.

I hope the concept has become clearer to you. For more information, you can have talks with the Career Expert at CareerGuide. Wish you the best!

RE: All you need to know about the cloud computing and the scope for growth in the profession.

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