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Briefly explain about electronics and Instrumentation engineering

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RE: Briefly explain about electronics and Instrumentation engineering

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Instrumentation engineering is one the streams that are the specialized branch of Electronics and Electrical Engineering. This is so because of the idea behind this engineering is to create and automate the process of designing principles of the various instruments that can be used in electronics and Electrical engineering or any of their related process. This is because of the accuracy and demand of all these items in the market and the higher expenditure on creating better and more accurate devices leads to study of proper manufacturing principles. Instrumentation can be looked as the technique and study of the science of measurement and control the process variables inside the production areas and manufacturing systems. These principles are used in order to create accurate process variables in the factories or production houses including the total control over the accuracy in level, pressure, temperature, humidity, Flow, pH, Force, Speed etc. This stream focusses on the Controlled system that comes under the control engineering that is about to controlling and design the production including all the research and development of control systems and devices that can be used in the manufacturing facilities and plants. This practice involves the modern tools as monitors and controlled environment variable like simulations and sensors in order to maximize the rate and efficiency of production.

Key Roles in Instrumentation Engineering

The nature of the job in the Instrumentation engineering revolves around a number of job types that are required to do so many different works and are as follow as:

  • Design and Development of control Systems
  • Maintain the existing control systems and production control variables
  • Manage the Control Stations
  • Collaborate with design Engineers
  • Collaborate with purchasers and other staff members involved in the production processes
  • Manage projects within the given restraints including cost and time
  • Troubleshoot the existing system or newly established systems
  • Ensure that instruments comply with health and safety regulations
  • Ensure that quality standards are maintained
  • Provide Consultancy support

Available Positions

All these are the job responsibilities of a candidate in the instrumentation engineering and he or she needs to take care of all these tasks. On the industrial basis, there are certain titles that can be included in for an engineer and are as follow as:

  1. Service Engineer
  2. Software Analyst
  3. Technical Director
  4. Field Test Engineer
  5. Senior Sales Manager
  6. Network Planning Engineer
  7. Customer Support Engineer
  8. Electronics and Communication Consultants
  9. Research and Development Engineer

Core Skills involved

Apart from that the opportunity in this sector is very high and can be looked forward to comply in order to have a greater future in this sector. Some of the very high and known giant companies in India that deals with the production control and manufacturing are offering all these mentioned positions and can be looked forward to joining these organizations. These organizations include some of the big names such as Bharat Electronics Ltd. and Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. and any of the organizations that involve production and manufacturing control can be looked forward as a workplace as a professional from this field. The major responsibilities of an Instrumentation engineers include the automation of work process in the system in order to increase the productivity and stability of the whole workflow. It is considered that wherever the automation lies in the industry the requirement of the Instrumentation engineer is there. On the basis of that, the key responsibilities of an instrumentation engineer are as follow as:

  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • System Dynamics
  • Process Control
  • Control Systems
  • Automation

All the works and responsibilities are needed to be completed within the working and requirements of the existing systems. And delivering the major goals like, a rise in productivity, efficiency, optimization, Stability, dedication reliability, safety, continuity etc. and hence leading to better production standards in the overall system and agendas. Hence this all can be looked forward as a complete suite of production and controlled environment which can be taken and controlled. The main focus of the instrumentation engineering is to automate all the results, and each and every candidate should be willing to comply with that work approach in the industry. Hence we can say that the instrumentation engineering is the program that deals with production and manufacturing control of the organization by using modern trends in order to make the efficiency high and also increase the quality of the product.

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RE: Briefly explain about electronics and Instrumentation engineering

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