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An Electronics Engineer designs and develops the systems which are popularly used by the machines and equipments in various industries. An electronic engineer has to assess new forms of developments and apply innovative technologies to see if they work out. The work of an electronic engineer also involves the estimation of manufacturing and labour costs that are incurred while undertaking projects, co-ordination of the work of other labours like technicians and skilled men. They also have to conduct inspection tests and ensure quality control checks from time to time. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Electronics Engineer answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Electronics Engineer

As an electronic engineer, I often get asked about my work. People are curious about what I do and how I do it. There are many misconceptions about electronic engineers and their work. In this blog, I will dispel some of the most common myths about electronic engineers. Myth #1: Electronics engineers are always working with computers This is one of the most common myths about electronic engineers. People assume that we are always working with computers, but this is not the case. We often work with other types of electronic equipment, such as radios, televisions, and other types of electronic d

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Move your eyes around and you will find electronics everywhere- Laptops, TV< Washing machines, mcrowaves etc. We cannot think of our life without the electronics gadgets now. It covers a wide range of applications which make our life easier and enjoyable. Similarly, look at the role of communication in our lives and how fast the communication systems and networks have grown in past few years. Can we think of living without mobile phones, facebook, Electronics and communication rules the world. The deamd for electronics engineers is growing swiftly in following industries.CORE ELECTRONI

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It's worth noting that specific FNF admission requirements may vary between universities and programs. Some MSW programs may require prerequisite courses in social sciences or psychology, while others may offer foundational courses as part of their curriculum.   

Hello Varidhi.. If you are interested in Psychology why you are going for engineering. Psychology is having equal scope as engineering if you are choosing it as your interested field. You can pursue BA or B.Sc in Psychology in graduation level and MA or M.Sc in Psychology, Applied Psychology, Clinical Psychology etc in reputed institutes like Ranchi university, Lovely Professional university, University of Delhi etc. 

Hi Rahul.. After Diploma, You can join for B.Tech through Lateral entry. This option is available n some of the IITs                and NITs, and in best institutes like Lovely Professional University, VIT university etc. You can visit the websites of these institutes  to get details and apply for the course. You may get admission for B.Tech in Electronics and Communication. 

Hello Himanshu.. Both options are available there for you. SO, you have to make the final decision based on your interest. M.Tech in these streams are available in institutes like SRM university, Lovely Professional University etc. Good placement options are also available in these institutes. 

Hi Khaleel.. Please visit the websites of the universities like VIT university, Lovely Professional University, Ashoka university etc to find the interesting courses for you.