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An Electronics Engineer designs and develops the systems which are popularly used by the machines and equipments in various industries. An electronic engineer has to assess new forms of developments and apply innovative technologies to see if they work out. The work of an electronic engineer also involves the estimation of manufacturing and labour costs that are incurred while undertaking projects, co-ordination of the work of other labours like technicians and skilled men. They also have to conduct inspection tests and ensure quality control checks from time to time. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Electronics Engineer answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Electronics Engineer

There are many myths about Electronics Engineering. I myself coming from this background can tell that most people perceive it as an entirely different thing from what it really is. Let me explain them here. 1. [Electronics Engineers repair electronics devices][1] Most times when you are the only [Electronics Engineer][2] in the family, your family members expect you to repair the electronics items at home - TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Radio, Computer- there are so many. But that is not what electronics engineers do. They work on different things from designing to testing to software and oth

Electronic Hardware would cover more of consumer electronics - it's repair, maintenance, utility and usability. The courses would be short terms more vocational in nature.    Electronics Engineering: A 4 year program which would deal with fundamental understanding of how electrons behave and can be programmed/engineered to get variety of applications. It would talk about VLSI, Embedded technology, solid state physics etc. 

Interesting choice.As such since you have already madeup your mind for engineering, I am sure you must be aware that no engineer in an industry works alone.Generally it is a team of engineers that work and knowledge of each specialization is used to the fullest.The choice that you have mentioned too encompasses the entire industry.In short,look around you,right from devices at home like TV,Fridge,Computers,Telephone, Mobiles,water heater,mixers etc...what do they have in common.Firstly they are all a machine and secondly they are all gadgets that use electrical pathways for their functioning.I

We need to understand that Electronics Engineering is a subject field known by different names in the different parts of the world and in different universities. For example - in many colleges in India it is combined with Communication Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering etc. Similarly what they call Computer and Electrical Engineering in MIT, is pretty much same as what we have Electronics Engineering in India. Therefore I am going to mention the top colleges for Electronics Engineering by the subject field and not exactly by the cou

Below is the list of the books that every Electronics Engineer must read:1.  The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz2.  Digital Communications: Fundamentals and Applications (Prentice Hall Communications Engineering and Emerging Techno) by Bernard Sklar 3.  Understanding Digital Signal Processing by Richard G. Lyons4.  Digital Design: Principles and Practices (Prentice Hall Xilinx design series) by John F. Wakerly5.  An Embedded Software Primer by David E. Simon6.  The C Programming Language (2nd Edition) by Brian W. Kernighan7.  Design with Operational

Move your eyes around and you will find electronics everywhere- Laptops, TV< Washing machines, mcrowaves etc. We cannot think of our life without the electronics gadgets now. It covers a wide range of applications which make our life easier and enjoyable. Similarly, look at the role of communication in our lives and how fast the communication systems and networks have grown in past few years. Can we think of living without mobile phones, facebook, Electronics and communication rules the world. The deamd for electronics engineers is growing swiftly in following industries.CORE ELECTRONI

Electronics engineering and computer engineering are the two different sets of branches of engineering. While electronics mainly deals with electronics based circuit and its working, on the other hand, software engineering is related to programming and its different aspects. Electronics engineering is related with designing circuits based on diodes, transistors, capacitors and Indicators. It involves the study of various circuits of power generation and its distribution on the nanoscale to a wider scale. In electronics engineering, one will gain knowledge about Very Large Scale Integration (VL

The stream that you chose does not matter as much as your passion. Why is that so?   The world is getting larger and smaller at the same time. With the content and knowledge being ever increasing, the world is getting larger. At the same time, with the integration of computing and Smartphone technology, it is getting smaller. One might consider the amount of job availability in India reducing, given its overpopulated status and the over-competitive nature of corporate domains. However, while there is a lack of jobs in the mainstream fields such as engineering and medicine, new undiscovere

Science and technology are becoming the key to determining the lifestyle of the people. Even the developing countries are said to be developing only because of the development in the science and technology. Today, the nation's progress is judged by the fact that whoever country is technologically advanced, is said to be developed and in the phase. Thus, the role of the science and technology today is very useful for the education, defense, health, securities and lastly for the jobs too. On every second day, the newspaper contains the article dedicated to any researchers made under the head of

Instrumentation engineering is one the streams that are the specialized branch of Electronics and Electrical Engineering. This is so because of the idea behind this engineering is to create and automate the process of designing principles of the various instruments that can be used in electronics and Electrical engineering or any of their related process. This is because of the accuracy and demand of all these items in the market and the higher expenditure on creating better and more accurate devices leads to study of proper manufacturing principles. Instrumentation can be looked as the techni