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Btech or bsc phy honors ?? wat can I do ...............i dont know which field is better

I am curious, Kindly clarify

by Shrikant Kaushik
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2 answers

RE: Btech or bsc phy honors ?? wat can I do ...............i dont know which field is better

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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Dear friend, thank you for your question, here you have not mentioned your academic qualifications and what you are doing at present. But from your question, it seems that you are in 12 standard and wish to take BTech ???( which stream) or BSc Physics honors. here you have not mentioned the stream of BTech. it could be in engineering, biology or environment. Let me tell you about the job scopes of these related fields then you will have an idea that what attracts you most.

Generally we choose our subjects as per our interest and what we want to do and become in future.

I know many persons,who choose wrong subject and finally they landed in unwanted job. This thing never provides job satisfaction.

The BSc Physics honors do have great scope in governmental as well as in private organization. If you understand well the physics and you feel that the subject is close to your heart then better opt this. You will have ample opportunities in governmental sector such as colleges, universities, research institutions and governmental laboratories.

Here you can make the entry after doing post graduation and then doctoral degree in physics. You will be inducted as lecturer or assistant scientist or assistant professor. The nature of job will be teaching and research or only research.

On the other hand, the Btech in engineering, biotechnology or environmental sciences do have have their market demand. The engineering is a demanding field in government and in private organizations. The biotechnology has great opportunities in India as well as abroad. You may join as scientist in government organization and in multinational companies like Monsanto, Sigma etc.

The BTech in environmental science has also many job opportunities. Now a days we are more concerned about our environment, and its sustainability. Therefore, the environmental science do find many scope in most of the sectors including petrochemicals.

If you wish to pursue your career in biotechnology or environmental science then you have to do PhD in the subject. The reason being due to severe competition in the jobs, the person holding master degree or MTech cannot academically match a PhD degree holder.

On the other hand in BTech engineering, you may find ample jobs even after simple graduation.

Finally, you try the aptitude test or psychometric test offered by Meracareerguide. com. This test will let you know about your interest and aptitude to choose your career path.

Good Luck..

RE: Btech or bsc phy honors ?? wat can I do ...............i dont know which field is better

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
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Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. You have mentioned that you like studying Physics as part of your BSc degree but you haven't mentioned any subject for a BTech degree. So this requires you to be clear on what you want to study first of all. I believe you are interested in Physics and this is why you have been able to choose Physics subject as your subject of interest at BSc level. Right?

In principle, if you like a subject then find what are the options to study that subject further. Do not get confused whether you want to study a BSc degree or a BTech degree. Any subject in any degree format will lead you to a professional career and therefore it is necessary to only study the subject you like and do not give importance to the degree.

Good to see you have mentioned Physics (hons) as your desired BSc subject. If you are very much in love with studying Physics then I would definitely advice you to take BSc Physics hons itself. After completing BSc Physics, you can study MSc and then finally do even a PhD Physics too. Doing a PhD in Physics is a Doctorate degree and will give you a 'Dr' title as the prefix for your name. Also a PhD degree is the highest possible academic degree honours and achieving it is regarded as the maximum academic achievement. Also when you start a career after the PhD, you are termed as a researcher or a Scientist in Physics. Completing a PhD, you can work in academic sector like at the universities as an Assistant Professor or a Professor. You can also work as a researcher in government approved research labs or at private research centres. If you are confident about studying Physics then please choose this route. Your love for Physics itself will take you heights in your career.

If you don't like to study Physics and are interested in doing a BTech then it is also necessary to think in what subject you want to do your BTech. BTech is a professional engineering course and is run for four years. If you want to study a BTech, then it is compulsory for you to have studied Maths at 10th and 12th level. If you have not studied Maths until 12th, then you would not be eligible to apply for a BTech. If you have studied maths, then you should find in what subject you wnat to study your BTech. To evaluate your interest please take the psychometric assessment from this website. This test will help you direct your interest and therefore you can get some clarity in finding the subject you want to study in BTech. Hope this helps.

RE: Btech or bsc phy honors ?? wat can I do ...............i dont know which field is better

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