Can I do certification courses in career counseling?

M A. Psychology in 1978 Retired Banker

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5 answers

RE: Can I do certification courses in career counseling?

Halima Sadiya
Halima Sadiya
Verified Career Expert
FreeLancer Academic and Career Guidance Counsellor
  • Kalyan

Hello experienced,

It's seems so nice to see you level of interest even after retirement. There are very few people who retire physically but not mentally, quite good. Your wholesome experience will definitely help students who will approach you for career guidance. A certification course in career counseling will refresh your subject knowledge as well as provide you skills and current practices required to go ahead in this profession. At first , I would suggest youtolook for a diplomaor post graduate diplomacourse offered by Indian Institute OfCounselling. The training modules and workshops provided here are of exceptional quality. It offers full time courses as well as through distance mode. You can enroll for any of the ones that suits you.

Alternatively, you can go for International Diploma In Guidance and Counselling provided by NCERT in all the regional colleges of India,in Collaboration with Common Wealth of Learning (COL), Canada. Ncert conducts entrance examinations for it and only selected candidates are allowed to pursue the one year program. the program is partly online and partly residential.

Career Counsellors Need



You can also go for purely online courses provided by many institutes and company in India with necessarily hands on experience and practical skills required by this profession. Well , you can compensate this by doing an internship for a minimum period of six months under any experienced career counselor. I can definitely recommend CareerGuide's certification for career counsellors to you which comes along with opportunities of part time and full time job opportunities. You can write to [email protected] for inquiries. 


Hope my suggestions would help you.Still have queries? Feel free to ask..Career Counsellor Certification in Bangalore

Good Luck..

RE: Can I do certification courses in career counseling?

Indumathi  Selvaraj
Indumathi Selvaraj
Verified Career Expert
Applied Psychologist And Career Counselor
  • Bangalore


Thanks for approaching

There is no retirement for education. I really appreciate your further thirst for education. Counselor Halima Sadiya have suggested you some already. We have many colleges that gives you distance learning. Iam not sure you belong to which place. Annalamai university offers you Post graduate diploma in guidance and counseling which you can do distance and it does invlove some practical PCP classes. Also You can get a certification course which is one year course from Banjara academy from Bangalore, classes aretwo days in a week and it offers on weekends too. Parivarthan from Bangalore also offers you courses regarding the guidance and counseling. Counseling has a wide scope now adays and probably after you complete your certification or the counseling course you can also join careeer guide in future:)

You can get great benefits by joining counsellor's community. It has very experienced counsellors with them and all certified and very knowledgable and humble . Always willing to share and collaborate and give opportunities for business and personal growth. 

Everyone around career counselling profession can be highly recommended to enroll in it. Here's the link for your reference.


                  Certification Course for School Career Counselling


The course has multiple modules and can be done online in video mode - like any MOOC course. Its a self paced curriculum with 100 hours of content and case studies for the same. 

Some of the course module you can see: 

  •  First Important Career Decision – Grade 10th First Important Career Decision – Grade 10th
  •  Dilemma of Grade 10th Students
  •  Importance of Grade 10th for Students for Career Planning Quiz
  •  Popular K-12 Education System Popular K-12 Education System
  •  Subject Combination/Curriculum in CBSE
  •  Subject Combination/Curriculum in ICSE
  •  Subject Combination/Curriculum in IB & IGCSE
  •  Subject Combination After Grade 10th for CBSE, ICSE, IB & IGCSE Boards Quiz
  • Dealing with Parents & Student’s Expectation in Counselling Sessions Dealing with Parents & Student’s Expectation in Counselling Session
  • List of Career Options Across Various Streams/Subject
  • Popular FAQs Asked by Students and Parent
  • Managing Student’s & Parents Expectations Quiz

Above are some modules. It has guess more 15 modules for your to become expert counsellor. 

You can try out the suggestions and see which is best for you. You can reach us if you require further assistance


All the best

RE: Can I do certification courses in career counseling?

Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh


RE: Can I do certification courses in career counseling?

Gaurav Sachdeva
Gaurav Sachdeva
Verified Career Expert
career counselling firm at career2success
  • New Delhi

1. ncert and ignou conducting counselling adn guidance diploma programme.

2. psychology field also choose


RE: Can I do certification courses in career counseling?

Minal Jain
Minal Jain

Hello Maám Halima,

Does post graduate diploma course for career counselling from Indian Institute of Counseling offers good content and does it hold value?

RE: Can I do certification courses in career counseling?

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