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I want to be a career guide. What should I study for become a career counselor

I have done B.A. I have registered for M.Ed. with IGNOU.

by Uttam Chand
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RE: I want to be a career guide. What should I study for become a career counselor

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
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You may also take up the psychometric assessment test from this website to ensure if you are taking up a right choice and are going in a right direction. Additionally send a few calm minutes to question yourself, why you want to study career counselling. If you feel right and are confident about choosing this profession then please move ahead with this.

To become a career counselor, it is often essential to have grounds in Psychology subject as this profession uses soft skills the most and it could be developed only by studying a psychology degree. However I remember you have already completed a BA so why dont you study an MA/ MSc in Applied Psychology or Counselling psychology? Choosing this degree will equip you with in depth knowledge on developing your personality and professional skills that might be deemed necessary in a counselling profession.

In case, you are unable to do a two year masters, you may also do a one year diploma/ postgraduate diploma in counselling psychology or Online Career counselling. This is treated merely equivalent to the MA/ MSc degrees though this diploma will only teach you about psychological counselling and will not give you knowledge on other areas of psychology. But if you have time and money constraints that you cannot study for more than a year or cannot afford fees for more than a year, then this one year course is apt for you. While studying this diploma, you might be necessarily asked to do a summer internship or mini project with a career consultant firm. So make good use of this opportunity and spend at least months under a career counselor and earn hands on experience in these months. Now completing your diploma with an internship, you are easily to score a career counselor job. I hope this helps.

Become A Career Counsellor

Apart from above suggestion - I can also recommend you CareerGuide's Career Counsellor Certification Course which is 100+ hour self paced online certification designed specifically for aspiring career counsellors and also practising career counsellor for upgrading their knowledge. 


It's a fantastic course with amazing video based content designed by CareerGuide's founder - Surabhi Dewra.  


                 Surabhi Dewra - Founder CareerGuide

The online course is enriched with case studies and quizzes and talks about practical knowledge in the field of career guidance. Highly recommended for individuals who are serious about learning art and science of career counselling. 

Some of the counsellor's testimonial should be encouraging for you to take a plunge into career of career counselling:


Good luck.

RE: I want to be a career guide. What should I study for become a career counselor

Aditya Sisodia
Aditya Sisodia
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Hi Uttam,

Thank you for writing and sharing your concerns. to become a career counselor first you need to identify your target audience who do you want to counsel and guide. Once your target audience is clear for example is it school children/students/college students/working professionals.You need then identify the areas your target audience require guidance/counseling on accordingly, you can identify the source of information and also make a structure of your delivery style that is best suited as per your and your participation.

Will it be group counseling, 1-1, online vs offline mode?

once above information is with you. You can see what certification would support your certification in the market and your profile to encourage participants.

Aditya Sisodia Career Counsellor

Here recommending one certification particularly for the simple reason - that have undergone it too. It added to my skillsets and business network. 

It's career counsellor certification course from CareerGuide.Com itself which has network of 1000+ career counsellor certified by CareerGuide. The course is conducted both online and offline and I have taken both online as well as offline course through them. Highly highly recommended as you will learn from best from industry. It's a certification course designed with practical implementation. 

Fell free to revert for any additional information.


RE: I want to be a career guide. What should I study for become a career counselor

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