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Chartered financial analyst

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RE: Chartered financial analyst

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Dear Surabhi,

Given below is an over view on chartered financial analyst.

What is Chartered Financial Analyst ?

If you’re interested in portfolio management, investment research, advisory services, or investment banking, this may be the right career for you.   One of the objectives is to deepen insights into practical applications of financial analysis in a dynamic business environment.

The CFA Programme includes current and evolving concepts, techniques and applications.  The CFA Programme has five focus areas:

Financial Markets, Analysis and Valuation, Portfolio Management, Mutual and other Funds and Code of Ethics.

Financial analysts enjoy the challenge of helping firms or people make financial decisions. They are responsible for financial modeling, budgeting, forecasting, supporting the launch of new initiatives and taking a leadership role in defining new financial and operational processes. Financial analysts may have to travel frequently to visit companies and talk to potential investors, and deal with deadline pressure.

They are also called security analysts and investment analysts.

What should I study ?

You should be a graduate in any discipline from a recognized university to seek admission to the programme. Those appearing in the final year examination of graduation are also eligible. However, MBAs, Post Graduate Diploma holders in Management, CAs, CWAs, CSs, Professionals in Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sectors are eligible for waivers from certain subjects of the CFA Programme.

The examinations are conducted four times in a year i.e. in the months of January, April, July and October at several test centres all over the country. This examination basically tests your aptitude for the course. The course content includes details of financial analysis, therefore it is essential that you have a natural aptitude for and the knack to grasp financial matters. Inputs are provided to the students of the CFA Programme through comprehensive courseware including high quality textbooks, study guides, workbooks, model question papers and relevant publications.

All students who successfully complete all the six groups of the programme are awarded the Master of Financial Analysis (MFA) Degree by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University, Tripura. In addition, the University also confers the CFA Charter and Designation, subject to University Regulations.

“Effective Executive” is designed to help students keep themselves abreast of emerging ideas and issues in the areas of management. Contents include articles, executive summaries, interviews, debates, case studies and corporate reports on contemporary issues in management.

What are the prospects ?

Employment opportunities exist in sectors like banking, insurance, finance and leasing. 

They occupy the key position like Appraisal Executives, Fund Managers, Investment Managers, Financial Analysts, Manager Hire Purchase, Manager Portfolio Management, Financial Consultants, Investment Advisors etc.

Many financial analysts work for depository and non-depository institutions, including banks, credit institutions, and mortgage bankers and brokers. Some also work for insurance companies, computer and data processing services, and management and public relations firms.

Many banks are now entering the securities brokerage and investment banking fields and will increasingly need the skills of financial analysts in these areas.

The globalization of the securities markets as well as the increased complexity of many financial products also will increase the need for analysts and advisors to help investors make financial choices. In addition, business mergers and acquisitions seem likely to continue, requiring the services of financial analysts. However, in the field of investment banking, the demand for financial analysts may fluctuate because investment banking is sensitive to changes in the stock market. Competition is expected to be keen for these highly lucrative positions, with many more applicants than jobs.

Where should I study ?

The ICFAI University, Tripura

Jagannath Bari Road, Bidurkarta Chowmuhani, Agartala-799001, Tripura (West). (recognized by UGC).

This institute offers a program which covers financial markets, financial analysis, valuation of assets, portfolio management, mutual funds and professional ethics.

The CFA Program may be completed in a period of 12 to18 months, depending on waivers.

CFA Institute, USA

Main Office: 560 Ray C. Hunt Dr., Charlottesville, VA 22903-2981, USA
New York Office : 477 Madison Avenue, Suite 220, New York, NY  10022

There are branches all over the world.


RE: Chartered financial analyst

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