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Do Biologists experience social interactions ?

Can you guide me on this

by Naina Raheja
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3 answers

RE: Do Biologists experience social interactions ?

Deepak Rana
Deepak Rana
Verified Career Expert
Author: Sky Beyond the Clouds
  • Kangra

Yes the biologists do experience the social interactions. The below points will help you understand the various scenarios where they experience these interactions:

1. The biologists have to coordinate with their juniors and other workers in the organization in order to collect the bio samples and therefore need to go out with them for the same purpose. There they have to work closely with these workers so that the work could be done within the allotted time period.

2. The biologists have to work with their fellow scientists on the various issues regarding their projects and similar research works. They get to involved in the discussions sometimes formal sometimes informal and therefore the interactions are quite long and interesting for them. They learn a lot about their work from these interactions and hence are the important part of their work.

3. They do not keep working on their research whole day. Every time they take a break they often hangout with other professionals and the scientists which helps them to enjoy the social life experience.

4. Biologists who are working with the universities often take the lectures for the college and university students and therefore they enjoy interactions with the young students. Note that these interactions are not only restricted to the classrooms but outside the classrooms as well. Students often discuss their doubts outside the classrooms and even see their work in the laboratories. Senior students sometimes work as assistants to the biologists and thus learn quite a number of things during that. Thus they experience a lot of interactions in the academic world.

5. Biologists often attend seminars and conferences. They also attend the symposiums where they get an opportunity to meet the other biologists from different parts of the world. This also adds to the social interactions that they experience during their career.

Thus the biologists do experience social interactions, may not be to that great extent but yes they do enjoy a social life apart from working alone in the laboratories.

RE: Do Biologists experience social interactions ?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Biologists are also social birds though thaey have been given a tag of laboratory bug, as you know they work for society and being a part of society they first understand the need of society, understand socio-economic dymension and then design a hypothesis. Moreover a biologist's life style look typical and least interactive which gives different message to the society as people feel biologists do not have social life. No not at all they are very mcuh involved in social activities but with a deceplined life style and do respond the social responsibilities related to health issue, environmnetal issue, epidemic issue, drug and medicine, agriculture need, and several other issue at day to day level where people need the help and accordingly biological scientist design the model system in laboratory and implement their scientific and research skills. As they study the human behavior, animal behavior, plant response system, crop growing system, cultivation criteria, diseses symptoms these are the social problems those are being dealt by scientists inside the laboratory in an isolated condtion where only scientists, technicians, research fellows, and other acdemicians who contribute jointly. Afterall they need a deep understanding of public life and the associated problems.

It is always fascinating to know the work style of a biologist in a laboratory which looks like a fun for the visitors moreover it attracts the youngesters. Although repeating the same exercise and doing the same protocol is a tough job of technician--- important part of biological society though biologists are alwyas busy in finding the puzzles and mysterious facts about nature (plant, animal, human, space, earth-environment).

Design a protocol after rounds of revision and brain storming session, dealing with huge pressure related to assignments to be finished within stipulated time of frame. At the same time they have academic responsibilities guiding phd scholars and othe junior students and trainees those are in need.

Their life style is experiment oriented and they revolve areond the nature with the scientific mission so that they can extract the best out of the nature and then impliment it for the social benefits.

Rest is up to you what do you understand about yourself.


RE: Do Biologists experience social interactions ?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear Friend, the biologist interacts with many persons from morning till evening. Technically speaking , a biologist is a social animal. The biologist is an academicain as well as a researcher or scientist. As academician a biologist interacts with students, colleagues, superiors and clients. A biologist (it could be a botanist, zoologist, biochemist, microbiologist, biotechnologist, environmental scientist) has also to take classes, here he has to interact with students, within the class and outs side the class. Some students ask their queries in the class room, while some dont feel comfortbale there to ask question. Therefore, some students ask the teacher or professor, when he or she is free.

A biologist also guides masters as well as doctoral degree students to carry out research work. Here the biologist spend some time in laboratory with research scholars, about their research work progress. Besides this, a biologist also writes research proposals to funding agencies. After winning the projects, working on it, he recruiting the senior research scholars or research asoociate to carry out the research work. On the basis of results the biologist write the tri monthly, half yearly and yearly research progress report. Again on the basis of research results, he also publishes in research journals. If not invoved in research then he writes review articles, book chapters along with his colleagues.

The conferences, workshops, symposim are integrated part of an education system. Here the biologist either oraganize the event or become a prt of it by participating in it. This is usually a huge geathering, where scientists, researchers from across the globe assemble on a common platform to discuss the devlopment of scientific subjects. Here the biologists meets like minded people and make relations for future scientic research and exchange program.

The trainings in scintific field is very important. The biologist has to keep update himself in his research or subject field. He undegoes training programs where he meet many other academicians.

The routine meetings with colleagues, seniors is also very important aspect in the life of a biologist. Here he discuss the official matters on a cup of tea. Usually the parties are also thrown in the departments, some time on a specific occassions, such as birthday parties, promotion parties, winning research proposal parties and others.

So a biologist interacts daily with many people for many reasons. A biologist really enjoys his career.

Good Luck....

RE: Do Biologists experience social interactions ?

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