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Do Mechanical Engineers experience social interactions in office settings or are they only working with machines?

Is this job too boring

by Sahil Sharma
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RE: Do Mechanical Engineers experience social interactions in office settings or are they only working with machines?

Vaibhav Bhutra
Vaibhav Bhutra
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Dear Friend,

In any filed of life, wherever we go we work in an environment which has lot of persons to deal with.

Mechanical Engineers main / Primary task could be to deal with planning and managing effective utilization of Machines and thus it could not be done away with but as a employee of any company you would have lot of person around you to be dealt with whether its Juniors or Seniors or your peers you would need to interact with them to get the task done.

As you would know any job would have people to be dealt with, naturally the social interactions would happens, infant the atmosphere on the shop floor is quite informal unlike Board room discussion and lot of social interaction would be part of your conversation.

So i would suggest in any job or filed you get into Human beings would have social interactions in jobs.

all the best

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